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Track 1

Track 1 is a collaborative effort, a small experiment if you will, based around Beats Drum Machine. It started as a drum break I badly programmed and will grow from there. All are welcome, though all may not necessarily be accepted into master.


Getting prepared

  1. Install ruby, if you're on OSX you're ready
  2. Install Beats Drum Machine
gem install beats

How to join in

  1. Fork project
  2. Add your samples to the samples folder keeping them organised and named nicely
  3. Edit the track1.yml, add new tracks
  4. Send a pull request
  5. Bonus points for branches


Currently has no license, it's music. SCP_* files provided from Suffa MC's library as linked http://allaussiehiphop.com/2010/12/17/golden-era-2011-mixtape-jan-17-2011/