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Always create for the benefit of the people the instruments of their well-being, and you will have created the instruments of their power and emancipation.


  1. Ramses Public

    The Rx Asset Management System for motion picture production

    HTML 46 7

  2. Duik Public

    Duik Ángela | Rigging and animation tools for After Effects

    JavaScript 243 64

  3. Bluik Public

    2D/Cut-Out Rigging and Animation tools for Blender

    Python 33 4

  4. DuME Public

    A fast, versatile, easy-to-use and cross-platform Media Encoder based on FFmpeg

    C++ 72 8

  5. DuTF Public

    Translation framework for Adobe ExtendScript/JavaScript UI

    C++ 10 2

  6. DuAEF Public

    Duduf After Effects Framework

    JavaScript 20 3


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