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icanzilb committed Sep 18, 2017
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@@ -103,13 +103,38 @@ extension AnimatedSink where Base: UIView {

III. Now you can use your new animation to bind subscriptions, instead of `rx.text` use `rx.animated.tick(.left, duration: 0.75).text` providing the orientation you want `.left` or `.right` and a duration:
III. Now you can use your new animation to bind subscriptions. Here's how usually binding `UIImageView.rx.image` looks like:

.bind(to: imageView.rx.image)
And the result is non-animated binding:


If you use your new custom animation binding like so:

.bind(to: imageView.rx.animated.tick(.right, duration: 0.33).image)

The effect will be:


And if you use the same animation on a `UILabel`:

.bind(to: labelCustom.rx.animated.tick(.left, duration: 0.75).text)


The sky is the limit! (Or good taste ofc.)

## Example

The demo app shows few animations in action, download the repo and give it a try.
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