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Guidelines for contributing to the RxSwiftCommunity, and a good place to raise questions.
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RxSwiftCommunity Contributors

We adhere to Moya Contributor Guidelines v1.0.0.


  • Contributors get added to the organization (with push access) after a single merged pull request.
  • No pressure, though! Contributing to open source should never feel like a burden.
  • Pull requests are always peer reviewed.
  • If it feels right, merge. We can always revert later if we need to.
  • We aim for public discussion.

The community also has discussions in Slack, too, so not all info is available in issues. You're welcome to join the conversation.

One important point: RxSwiftCommunity is not the same as RxSwift. We're an organization for community-based projects using RxSwift, and our contributor guidelines may differ.

Stewarding a Project

If you have a project that you think belongs under the RxSwiftCommunity organization, please open an issue. Generally, projects should be production-ready and able to be installed with CocoaPods or Carthage.

Checklist for Transferring Ownership

When you open an issue, you can copy & paste the following checklist into the description or a comment to track progress:

- [ ] replace copyright with "Copyright (c) RxSwiftCommunity" in code
- [ ] replace copyright in README
- [ ] replace copyright in LICENSE
- [ ] update the remote URL of the Podspec (if any)
- [ ] update CI badge
- [ ] update CI settings
- [ ] transfer repository ownership (once you're a contributor)
- [ ] fork the repo back to your personal account
- [ ] add project to
- [ ] Add `` as an owner of your project's CocoaPod by using `pod trunk add-owner YourPodName`.

Code of Conduct

We have our own [Code of Conduct](Code of, which is adapted from the Contributor Covenant, version 1.3.0, available at The CoC is taken seriously by the project owners.

Automatic PR Checking with Peril

Peril is a server which runs Danger-JS automatically, on all pull requests, organization-wide. The rules for our Peril server are here, and we encourage everyone to think about new ways we could use Peril and Danger.

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