quick script to auto-run pylint on all recent branch heads
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I spent a few hours trying to get the Jenkins Github plugin to:

  • run pylint on all remote branch heads that:
    • arent' too old
    • haven't already had pylint run on them
  • send the repo status back to github

I'm sure it's possible, but the repo statuses weren't posting, the wrong branches were getting built, and it was easier to write a quick script.


The usual python stuff, and, of course, the git binary and pylint available in $PATH


  • update the repo owner on line 21
  • update the repo name on line 22
  • if the repo doesn't have a top level pylint.rc add one
  • set an environment variable called GITHUB_TOKEN with oauth-juice enough to read and write repo


The script should be run from within a checkout of the repository it will be testing. It's suitable for running regularly from cron or triggered by a github push hook to Jenkins. Each instance of the script needs it own local checkout, but running multiple copies does provide pylint parallelization without duplication of scans.