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;;; -*- mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; Base: 10 -*-
;;; Author : Dan Bothell
;;; Copyright : (c) 2004 Dan Bothell
;;; Availability: Covered by the GNU LGPL, see LGPL.txt
;;; Address : Department of Psychology
;;; : Carnegie Mellon University
;;; : Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
;;; :
;;; Filename : meta-process.lisp
;;; Version : 1.0a1
;;; Description : The meta-process handling functions as defined in the
;;; ACT-R 6 software framework API.
;;; Bugs :
;;; To do : [ ] Improve on the max-time-delta situation for multiple models.
;;; ----- History -----
;;; 2004.08.11 Dan
;;; : Creation.
;;; 2005.02.28 Dan
;;; : * Made the with-meta-process macro hygienic.
;;; 2006.02.27 Dan
;;; : * Added the mp-real-time-management function to allow one to
;;; : configure external time sources.
;;; 2006.03.03 Dan
;;; : * Updated mp-real-time-management to add the max-time-delta
;;; : parameter. This provides a solution for a problem that can
;;; : occur when hooking a model up to an asynchronous system.
;;; : The problem is that if there aren't any model events to
;;; : process at some point the model just jumps right to its end
;;; : time and waits for real time to catch up and asynchronous
;;; : events that come in effectively get pushed off until then.
;;; : This effectively provides the maximum amount of time that
;;; : the model will "skip ahead" without some event occuring.
;;; : This still isn't perfect for a multi-model situation because
;;; : it only works at the meta-process level and thus one model
;;; : could still end up skipping way ahead if other models were
;;; : still doing things, but it's better than nothing right now.
;;; 2007.08.03 Dan
;;; : * Moved the *meta-processes* definition before the macros
;;; : that use it to avoid a warning at compile time.
;;; 2008.05.05 Dan
;;; : * Fixed a bug with a missing parameter to format in
;;; : delete-meta-process-fct.
;;; 2009.11.30 Dan
;;; : * Make sure to set meta-p-running back to nil on reset because
;;; : some abnormal situations could leave that set.
;;; 2009.12.03 Dan
;;; : * Clear the dynamics and in-slack slots of the meta-process on
;;; : reset and adding an allow-dynamics keyword to mp-real-time-management
;;; : to enable dynamic event testing.
;;; 2010.03.03 Dan
;;; : * Added a with-meta-process-eval like with-model has.
;;; 2010.03.05 Dan
;;; : * Fixed a bug in define-meta-process-fct with the printing of
;;; : the warning when the name is invalid.
;;; 2010.09.02 Dan
;;; : * Added code to allow the coercion of the mp-time variable to
;;; : a different float type.
;;; : * Added commands for checking the accuracy of the mp-time float
;;; : type and allow changing it on the fly.
;;; 2010.11.03 Dan
;;; : * Changing the internal time to be ms and converting it for
;;; : what's sent out (mp-time) which means the accuracy checks
;;; : and conversion code can go away once this is settled.
;;; : * Removed the coercion code, but left the size tests in for
;;; : now just in case that may be useful in the future since
;;; : specifying large event in seconds would still be represented as
;;; : floats that would lose precision.
;;; 2010.12.22 Dan
;;; : * Added mp-modules-events to return a list of all events that
;;; : are scheduled for a module - both active and waiting.
;;; 2011.03.25 Dan
;;; : * Added mp-time-ms as a first step to transitioning everything
;;; : internal to milliseconds to fix the last few lingering issues.
;;; 2011.04.27 Dan
;;; : * Added some declaims to avoid compiler warnings about
;;; : undefined functions.
;;; 2011.06.08 Dan
;;; : * Changed reset-mp and mp-configure-real-time since the latter
;;; : is now documented as a user function so it's got more safety
;;; : checks in it.
;;; General Docs:
;;; The global *meta-processes* and the corresponding struct are not part of
;;; the API, so should not be touched by module writers or modelers.
;;; Public API:
;;; mp-time
;;; mp-time returns the current time of the current meta-process in seconds.
;;; mp-models
;;; mp-models returns a list of the names of all the models defined in the current meta-process.
;;; meta-process-names
;;; meta-process-names returns a list of the names of all the existing meta-processes.
;;; mp-show-queue
;;; mp-show-queue prints the events that are on the event queue of the current meta-process
;;; to *standard-output* in the order that they would be executed.
;;; mp-show-waiting
;;; mp-show-waiting prints the events that are in the waiting queue of the current meta-process
;;; along with a description of the condition for which each needs to be added to the event queue to *standard-output*.
;;; mp-print-versions
;;; mp-print-versions prints the version number of the framework and the name,
;;; version number, and documentation of each module which is currently defined to *standard-output*.
;;; define-meta-process (mp-name)
;;; If there is no meta-process with the name mp-name already defined then one is created.
;;; delete-meta-process (mp-name)
;;; If there is a meta-process with the name mp-name, then all of the models in that meta-process
;;; are deleted and then the meta-process itself is removed.
;;; with-meta-process (mp-name &body body))
;;; If mp-name is the name of a meta-process then the forms of the body are evaluated in order with the
;;; current meta-process set to the one named by mp-name.
;;; current-meta-process
;;; current-meta-process returns the name of the current meta-process or nil
;;; if there is no current meta-process.
;;; mp-real-time-management (&key (time-function 'get-internal-real-time)
;;; (units-per-second internal-time-units-per-second)
;;; (slack-function 'real-time-slack)
;;; (max-time-delta nil))
;;; mp-real-time-management sets the function and divisor used to determine the
;;; current time in seconds when then real-time flag is specified to run the
;;; meta-process. The slack function is called continuously while the model
;;; is waiting for the time to advance when there is a discrepancy. It must take
;;; one parameter which will be the current delta between the model time and
;;; the currently reported "real time". The max-time-delta specifies how far
;;; the model will "skip ahead" - the maximum time between any two model events
;;; in simulation time. When it is nil the delta is unbounded.
;;; The default behavior is tied to the real clock, it calls the sleep function
;;; if the model has to spin for greater than 150ms, and there is no limit on
;;; how far ahead it can advance in one step.
;;; Design Choices:
;;; Using structs for now because I don't need the flexibility of CLOS classes.
;;; The code
#+:packaged-actr (in-package :act-r)
#+(and :clean-actr (not :packaged-actr) :ALLEGRO-IDE) (in-package :cg-user)
#-(or (not :clean-actr) :packaged-actr :ALLEGRO-IDE) (in-package :cl-user)
(declaim (ftype (function (t) t) format-event))
(declaim (ftype (function () t) global-modules-table))
(declaim (ftype (function () t) max-module-name-length))
(declaim (ftype (function (t) t) delete-model-fct))
;;; The top level tabel that holds all the meta-processes.
;;; Holds all the meta-processes that have been defined and indicates
;;; which is the current one.
(defvar *meta-processes* (make-meta-processes)
"The table of all defined meta-processes")
(defmacro current-mp ()
`(mps-current *meta-processes*))
(defun current-mp-fct ()
(mps-current *meta-processes*))
(defun get-mp (mp-name)
(gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*)))
(defun reset-mp (meta-process)
"Set a meta-process to time 0 and clear the events"
(setf (meta-p-time meta-process) 0)
(setf (meta-p-start-time meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-start-real-time meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-events meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-delayed meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-dynamics meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-in-slack meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-running meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-time-overflow-warning meta-process) nil)
;; Don't use this anymore and set things explicitly
;; (mp-real-time-management :mp meta-process)
(setf (meta-p-allow-dynamics meta-process) nil)
(setf (meta-p-time-function meta-process) 'get-internal-real-time)
(setf (meta-p-units-per-second meta-process) internal-time-units-per-second)
(setf (meta-p-slack-function meta-process) 'real-time-slack)
(setf (meta-p-max-time-delta meta-process) nil))
(defun mp-time-accuracy-limit ()
(ms->seconds *time-size-current-limit*))
(defun mp-time-change-needed (max-time)
(if (> max-time *time-size-current-limit*)
(let ((sufficient (find max-time *time-size-test-list* :key 'car :test (lambda (x y) (<= x (expt 2 y))))))
(if sufficient
(values t (cadr sufficient))
(values t nil)))
(values nil nil)))
(defmacro verify-current-mp (warning &body body)
`(if (null (mps-current *meta-processes*))
(print-warning ,warning)
(progn ,@body)))
(defun mp-time ()
"returns the current time of the current meta-process in seconds"
"mp-time called with no current meta-process."
(ms->seconds (meta-p-time (current-mp)))))
(defun mp-time-ms ()
"returns the current time of the current meta-process in milliseconds"
"mp-time-ms called with no current meta-process."
(meta-p-time (current-mp))))
(defun mp-real-time-management (&key (time-function 'get-internal-real-time)
(units-per-second internal-time-units-per-second)
(slack-function 'real-time-slack)
(max-time-delta nil)
(allow-dynamics nil))
"mp-real-time-management called with no current meta-process."
(cond ((not (and time-function (fctornil time-function)))
(print-warning "Time-function ~s not a valid function for mp-real-time-management" time-function))
((not (posnum units-per-second))
(print-warning "Units-per-second ~s must be a positive number" units-per-second))
((not (and slack-function (fctornil slack-function)))
(print-warning "Slack-function ~s not a valid function for mp-real-time-management" slack-function))
((not (posnumornil max-time-delta))
(print-warning "Max-time-delta ~s is not a positive number or nil" max-time-delta))
(setf (meta-p-allow-dynamics (current-mp)) allow-dynamics)
(setf (meta-p-time-function (current-mp)) time-function)
(setf (meta-p-units-per-second (current-mp)) units-per-second)
(setf (meta-p-slack-function (current-mp)) slack-function)
(setf (meta-p-max-time-delta (current-mp)) (if (numberp max-time-delta) (seconds->ms max-time-delta) max-time-delta))
(defun mp-models ()
"returns a list of the names of all the models in the current meta-process"
"mp-models called with no current meta-process."
(hash-table-keys (meta-p-models (current-mp)))))
(defun meta-process-names ()
(hash-table-keys (mps-table *meta-processes*)))
(defun mp-show-queue ()
"mp-show-queue called with no current meta-process."
(let ((events (meta-p-events (current-mp))))
(format t "Events in the queue:~%")
(dolist (evt events (length events))
(format t "~A~%" (format-event evt))))))
(defun mp-show-waiting ()
"mp-show-waiting called with no current meta-process."
(let ((events (meta-p-delayed (current-mp))))
(format t "Events waiting to be scheduled:~%")
(dolist (evt events (length events))
(format t "~A~%" (format-event evt))))))
(defun mp-modules-events (module)
"mp-modules-events called with no current meta-process."
(let ((events nil))
(dolist (evt (meta-p-events (current-mp)))
(when (eq module (evt-module evt))
(push-last evt events)))
(dolist (evt (meta-p-delayed (current-mp)))
(when (eq module (evt-module evt))
(push-last evt events)))
(defun mp-print-versions ()
(format t "ACT-R Version Information:~%~va: ~10a ~a~%"
(max (max-module-name-length) 10)
(meta-p-version (gethash 'default (mps-table *meta-processes*)))
(meta-p-documentation (gethash 'default (mps-table *meta-processes*))))
(maphash #'(lambda (key value)
(declare (ignore key))
(format t "~va: ~10a ~a~%"
(max (max-module-name-length) 10)
(act-r-module-name value)
(act-r-module-version value)
(act-r-module-documentation value)))
(defmacro define-meta-process (mp-name)
`(define-meta-process-fct ',mp-name))
(defun define-meta-process-fct (mp-name)
(if (not (symbolp mp-name))
(print-warning "~S is not a symbol and thus not valid as a meta-process name." mp-name)
(if (gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*))
(print-warning "There is already a meta-process named ~S." mp-name)
(let ((mp (make-meta-process :name mp-name)))
(setf (gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*)) mp)
(incf (mps-count *meta-processes*))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) nil)
(defmacro delete-meta-process (mp-name)
`(delete-meta-process-fct ',mp-name))
(defun delete-meta-process-fct (mp-name)
(if (eql mp-name 'default)
(print-warning "Cannot delete the default meta-process.")
(if (gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*))
(let ((previous-mp (current-mp)))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*)
(gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*)))
(maphash #'(lambda (key model)
(declare (ignore model))
(delete-model-fct key))
(meta-p-models (gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*))))
(remhash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*))
(decf (mps-count *meta-processes*))
(if (= 1 (mps-count *meta-processes*))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*)
(gethash 'default (mps-table *meta-processes*)))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) previous-mp))
(print-warning "~S does not name a meta-process." mp-name))))
(defmacro with-meta-process (mp-name &body body)
(let ((mp (gensym))
(old-mp (gensym)))
`(let ((,mp (gethash ',mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*))))
(if ,mp
(let ((,old-mp (current-mp)))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) ,mp)
(progn ,@body)
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) ,old-mp)))
(print-warning "No actions taken in with-meta-process because ~S does not name a meta-process"
(defmacro with-meta-process-eval (mp-name &body body)
(let ((mp (gensym))
(old-mp (gensym))
(m (gensym)))
`(let* ((,m ,mp-name)
(,mp (gethash ,m (mps-table *meta-processes*))))
(if ,mp
(let ((,old-mp (current-mp)))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) ,mp)
(progn ,@body)
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) ,old-mp)))
(print-warning "No actions taken in with-meta-process-eval because ~S does not name a meta-process" ,m)))))
(defun with-meta-process-fct (mp-name forms-list)
(let ((with-mp (gethash mp-name (mps-table *meta-processes*))))
(if with-mp
(let ((previous-mp (current-mp))
(val nil))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) with-mp)
(dolist (x forms-list val)
(setf val (eval x)))
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) previous-mp)))
(print-warning "No actions taken in with-meta-process-fct because ~S does not name a meta-process"
(defun current-meta-process ()
(when (current-mp)
(meta-p-name (current-mp))))
(define-meta-process default)
(setf (mps-current *meta-processes*) (gethash 'default (mps-table *meta-processes*)))
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
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