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Terminal Emulator for webOS
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wTerm (webOS Terminal Emulator)

wTerm is a Enyo PDK/Hybrid Terminal Emulator for the webOS platform.

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  • Hardware accelerated with OpenGL
  • Custom virtual keyboard
  • Customizable virtual keyboard layout (coming soon)
  • Customizable font sizes
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Customizable key bindings

Main Contributors

  • Stefan Bühler
  • Will Dietz
  • Ryan Hope (Project Lead)
  • Brian Kearney

VKB Layout Contributors

  • Chris Jowett (Dvorak)
  • Yohan Dubanchet (French)

Safe Root Access

By default, wTerm logs into a non-root user (wterm). For safe root access follow the procedure below:

  1. Open the wTerm preferences dialog from the app menu.
  2. Click on the 'Misc' tab.
  3. Change the 'Default Exec Command' to 'login -f root'.
  4. Restart wTerm.
  5. Run 'passwd' to set a root password.
  6. Run 'vi /etc/group', add 'wterm' to the root group.
  7. Change the 'Default Exec Command' back to 'login -f wterm'.
  8. Restart wTerm.


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