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Latest commit 67cef36 Nov 23, 2016 @RyanMetin Updated dependencies (2.2) and seed app.
Seperated root and example into their own modules.

* Give JiT or AoT bootstrap option.
* Production environment.
* Setup tests.


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Simple Angular2 seed using Systemjs

Generate a project that uses angular2, gulp, systemjs, and typescript.


Install package globally (requires slush):

npm i -g slush-angular2 [slush]


Run the generator:

slush angular2 [<name>]

Compile and serve:

npm start

App is now ready on port 8080.

To manually start compiler and server:

npm start or gulp start:dev

To bundle application and serve:

npm run prod or gulp start:prod


  • index.html <-- Entry point for application.
  • gulpfile.js <-- Gulp build tasks.
  • tsconfig.json <-- Configuration for TypeScript compiler.
  • tslint.json <-- Configuration for TypeScript linter.
  • res/ <-- Shared resources.
  • src/ <-- TypeScript goes in here. >* boot.ts <-- Strapping boots. >* config.ts <-- SystemJS configuration. >* app/ <-- App module, component, and routing. >* example/ <-- Example module with components, directive, pipe, and service.
  • dist/ <-- JavaScript comes out here.


There are no guidelines for contributing. If you find a problem or have a suggestion go ahead and submit an issue.