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A Laravel 4 package to make it easy to add social sharing buttons to your application.

This Laravel 4 package provides helpers for easily adding social sharing buttons to your views. This package includes support for:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter


Run the following Composer command in your terminal, or simply add 'ryannielson/shareable': '1.0.*' to your composer.json file:

composer require ryannielson/shareable:'1.0.*'

Once complete, you now have to add the the service provider to the providers array in app/config/app.php:


Finally, add the following entry entry to the aliases array in app/config/app.php:

'Shareable' => 'RyanNielson\Shareable\Facades\Shareable'

That's it!


Shareable current supports only a few social networks, which are accessed through a similar Shareable facade which should be used in your views. Each of these methods can also be passed an array of options which correspond to the options shown on the respective button creation pages and listed below.

Render all share buttons, specified in the config.php (default all buttons), within a unordered list:

{{ Shareable::all() }}


{{ Shareable::facebook($options = array()) }}
Option Type Default Possible Options
url string ''
width integer 100
type string 'button_count' 'box_count', 'button_count', 'button', 'icon_link', 'icon', 'link'

Google Plus

{{ Shareable::googlePlus($options = array()) }}
Option Type Default Possible Options
url string ''
size string 'medium' 'small', 'medium', 'large'
lang string 'en-US' See
width integer null
annotation string 'bubble' 'none', 'bubble', vertical-bubble', 'inline'


{{ Shareable::twitter($options = array()) }}
Option Type Default Possible Options
url string ''
text string ''
count boolean true
via string ''
recommend string ''
hashtags string ''
size string ''
lang string 'en'

View and Configuration Changes

Like most Laravel packages, you can edit the configuration and views for this package by running a few commands to put the files into your app's project directory.

Edit configuration: php artisan config:publish ryannielson/shareable

Edit views: php artisan view:publish ryannielson/shareable