WordPress plugin that lets you hide titles on individual posts or pages
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Hide WordPress Post Title

This simple plugin came from a blog post I wrote on how to hide WordPress post titles. I needed a way to hide the title on posts, but only on a few. And it needed to be something quick and easy. Oddly, Google didn't bring anything up that worked the way I was looking.


Drop the hide-title.php in a folder under your wp-content/plugins folder, or even directly in the plugins folder. Then activate it just like any other WP plugin.


The plugin looks for a custom field named hide_title when displaying a post. So when you want to hide the title, add that custom field. The value doesn't matter. The field just needs to be there.

When a post has the hide_title custom field and is in a single view a small bit of CSS will be added to the <head> section using the wp_head action to hide the post title. The plugin does assume that your post title has a CSS class of page-title. Fortunately, most themes use this class name. If your theme uses something different you'll need to change the class name in the php script.