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Use extend Lua using Ruby with MRuby
C Ruby Lua
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Use mruby from within lua.



NOTE: This is not implemented yet.

$ luarocks install mruby


NOTE: If rake is not installed, you can use the minirake executable in lib/mruby/minirake/.
The Makefile simply calls rake.

$ rake


$ make

This will compile a file in the pkg directory which you can simply require within Lua.


MRuby Table

The mruby table contains a few helper functions just for evaluating and running MRuby code.


The run function simply runs MRuby code. It returns a 0 if it ran without any exceptions raised and 1 if an exception was raised." puts 'Hello, World!' ") -- prints "Hello, World!"


The eval function will evaluate MRuby code. The return value will converted into a Lua object.

  mruby.eval(" 'Hello,' ").." World!"
) -- prints "Hello, World!"

  mruby.eval(" 50 + 50 ") + 100
) -- prints 200

C Functions/Types

NOTE: This has not been implemented yet.

All MRuby C functions/types have been ported directly to Lua.
The name of the functions/types are identical to those of the C functions/types.

mrb_interpreter = mrb_open()
mrb_code = " puts 'Hello, World!' "
mrb_parser_state = mrb_parse_string(mrb_interpreter, mrb_code, nil)
mrb_generated_code = mrb_generate_code(mrb_interpreter, mrb_parser_state.tree)
mrb_result = mrb_run( mrb_interpreter, mrb_proc_new(mrb_interpreter, mrb_interpreter.irep[mrb_generated_code]), mrb_nil_value() )


matsumoto-r for mruby-on-Lua. This wouldn't exist, if not for him.


Copyright © 2012-2013 Ryan Scott Lewis

The MIT License (MIT) - See LICENSE for further details.

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