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Dhall types definition for Kong declarative configuration file
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Dhall - Kong

Kong API gateway starts to support a declarative configuration file in yaml format since v1.1.x. The declarative configuration file makes the deployment on Kong more controllable under CI/CD pipeline. This library aims at providing an interface for developers to define a configurable configuration file for Kong.

Development Schedule

  • Basic objects defined in admin API
    • Service
    • Route
    • Consumer
    • Plugin
    • Certificate
    • SNI
    • Upstream
    • Target
  • Support for nesting objects, which is introduced from declarative configuration

How to use

The library is developed based on the structure of dhall-kubernetes.

  • types folder contains the schema for Kong objects.
  • default folder contains the function to generate the Kong object.
  • configuration.dhall is an empty Kong declarative configuration.

Certificate and SNI

Sni and certificate in declarative configuraiton is coupled. You need to declare the list of snis before defining the certificate as the following.

let config = ./default/configuration.dhall
let mkSni = ./default/sni.dhall
let mkCert = ./default/certificate.dhall

let mySni: ./types/sni.dhall = mkSni ""
let myCert: ./types/certificate.dhall = mkCert "myCert" "myKey" // { sni = Some [mySni] }

in config // { certificates = Some [myCert] }

For more example, please check the example.dhall file.


The project is now under development. Welcome to open an issue and submit pull request on improving the library.

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