A highly exploitable pet webstore using MongoDB for a Cyber Security exercise.
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A vulnerable Fedora wearing Pet Webstore for Fedora that will integrate with a NO-SQL Database for a Cyber Security exercise.


As of current, Petdora can be run by cloning the repository and then running:


cd %HOME_DIR%\Petdora\web\
sudo apt-install php
php -S localhost:8080


cd %HOME_DIR%\Petdora\web\
php -S localhost:8080

Current Features:

  • Integrated jQuery

    • For smooth transitions, fixed top nav-bar on scroll and other features to make this a fully fledged and cross-compatible website.
  • Static Content Management System that loads all files from a certain folder.

    • Made so that if an "Advanced Usability Testing" user were to somehow gain the ability to create a file in this folder on the server, they could manipulate the homepage.
  • Sign-in Page

    • Fully working PHP and jQuery based sign-in page that stores cookies to keep users signed in.
    • Exploitable by simply copying a cookie to sign in as a different user.
    • The encrypted "hash" is just a raw text combination of the username and password, which could be captured.
    • Checks based off of an unencrypted text file stored on the server that could later be edited to include new users.

Features Coming Soon:

  • Petdora Asteroids

    • An HTML5 Canvas fully working Asteroids game that allows you to store a name and your highscore if you get in the top 10. Nothing is escaped from the name however and jQuery injects it into its own html page.
  • Contact Form

    • A contact form that sends raw unescaped data to a Python CGI script to store the contact query in a "totally secure" folder on the server.
  • NOSQL Database

    • Products Page is going to be linked to a NO-SQL database vulnerable to NOSQL injections.