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function point = locate_target(A,B,C)
% This is the main running algorithm for locating the target. This
% algorithm uses the rssi level readings from each copter to create
% "imaginary" circles (trilateralation) and then outputs the point on copter A's circle that
% is closest to both copter B and C's circles. This point should be close
% to the target.
global rssi_a rssi_b rssi_c;
% Convert the RSSI readings to a distance
rad_a = convert_rssi(rssi_a);
rad_b = convert_rssi(rssi_b);
rad_c = convert_rssi(rssi_c);
% Create 1001 plot points
% Initialize the imaginary circles in a 2x10001 matrix
% Each column corresponds to a point (x,y) on the circle
AR = [rad_a*cos(angle)+A(1,3);rad_a*sin(angle)+A(2,3)];
BR = [rad_b*cos(angle)+B(1,3);rad_b*sin(angle)+B(2,3)];
CR = [rad_c*cos(angle)+C(1,3);rad_c*sin(angle)+C(2,3)];
% Initialize a large distance for error checking
distance = 1000;
% Iterate around every circle and check if the total distance between
% points is a minimum
for i = 1:7:1001
for j = 1:7:1001
for k = 1:7:1001
new_distance = sqrt((AR(1,i)-BR(1,j))^2+...
(AR(2,i)-BR(2,j))^2) + sqrt((BR(1,j)-CR(1,k))^2+...
(BR(2,j)-CR(2,k))^2) + sqrt((AR(1,i)-CR(1,k))^2+...
if new_distance < distance
distance = new_distance;
point = [AR(1,i);AR(2,i)];
if distance == 1000
fprintf('Too much error, optimize and re-try\n');
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