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Welcome to the UX330UA-macOS Installation


Note: Use the to disable TouchID and gatekeeper.

For Installation:


Must use APFS (No HFS+J Support)

  • Use my repo and copy everything from my CLOVER folder to your newly installed CLOVER folder.
  • Use KextBeast provided in Tools folder and install all kexts from my /L/E folder to ur /L/E folder
  • Use KextBeast to install X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext to /L/E
  • Look at ForceKextsToLoad Section and follow the instructions there.
  • Reboot
  • Done!

For modified kexts: Use kexts from Library/Extensions from my repo

  • VoodooI2C
  • VoodooI2CHID
  • CPUFriend
  • CPUFriendDataProvider (Only for i5-7200U)


Looking at your config.plist, you will notice an entry in KernelAndKextPatches/ForceKextsToLoad for IONetworkingFamily.kext and IOGraphicsFamily.kext. This is intended only for installation scenarios and should probably be removed for post-install.


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