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A colorscheme to make colorscheming simpler

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Galaxy is a colorscheme tries to make colorscheming simpler.

A nice colorscheme is good for our eyes (and display).
But generating one is not that easy.
When generating a colorschemes, you must dealing with lots of issues: 
colors, highlight groups, syntaxs, terminals...

Galaxy tries to simplifiy these works. 

It classifies highlights in 'bgd','fgd','syn','msg','dif' group,
and automatically generate these highlight colors with these 5 group's 
basic colors. And do other stuffs to finish highlighting.

So, for one scheme, only 5 colors are needed.

It contains several built-in schemes.
Also Scheme Window, Screen Window, Terminal Support, Stylish Statusline,
Indent Highlight and more...

Some Pictures:

    Normal (Git Dif) :

Normal Mode

    Screen :

Screen Scheme

Post issues at


  1. Using Vundle

    Add two lines to your vimrc Bundle 'Rykka/colorv.vim' Bundle 'Rykka/galaxy.vim'

  2. Using

    Extract to your ~/.vim folder. :helptags ~/.vim/doc

NOTE ColorV required if downloaded from github.

NOTE Get Latest version

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