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  • 0.77:

    1. A brand new html theme for riv, rhythm.css

      Provides much better view experience.

      Syntax Preview

      Article Preview

      Also, code syntax highlighting and themes are now truly supported, you can change the theme by setting g:riv_html_code_hl_style, default is 'molokai'.

      (This option may change to g:riv_code_theme in future.)

      You can add your theme's css dir at g:riv_css_theme_dir. then set the style to the filename.

      For view and edit in vim, you can use most morden themes like molokai. And the Galaxy.vim can be a good choice too.

    2. Auto convert to html on :w:

      Use option g:riv_auto_rst2html, set it to 1 to active. default is 0.

      If you even don't want to refresh the browser, use InstantRst.

    3. New syntax and method for local files, which is much simpler, and robust.

      see #72 for details.

      Just input xxx.rst or xxx/, Then use :RivCreatLink or <C-E>ck, you will get the file link.

      When click on a reference which location is a file link, you will open it directly.

      To disable this, set g:riv_open_link_location to 0. Then you will move to that location only. default is 1.


      When convert to html, the xxx.rst in the file location will be auto convert to xxx.html for navigation in browser.


      The moinmoin style ([[xxxx]]) is deprecated, and will be removed in next few versions.

      The sphinx style (:doc:`xxxx`) will go on.

    4. Unicode Link names.

      Reference links now supporting unicode names.

      Also filename supports unicode names too, though that's not encouraged.


      .. 名字: name.rst
    5. Better and faster indent behavior.

      see #71 for details.

    6. Fixed lots of misc bugs and made lots of small optimization

      The error phase ptn.

      Project's id working error.

      Editing a file missing working directory.

      Syntax highlighting error and optimize.

      Improved doctest using doctest.vim

    Fold:Optimize folding, and sub the _s pattern with (s|$), due to vim's bug cc470cad
    Indent:Rewrite indent behavior as #71 mentioned. e7539c98
    Misc:Make section title pos unchanged while use RivTitle 6470ad9f
    Publish:g:riv_auto_rst2html added for auto publish.
    Misc:rewrite riv#id(), fix the id's error. b97398b
    Misc:optimize create#link behavior, add <c-e>cg for create git commit link
  • 0.74 ~ 0.76: Mainly a bug fix version.

    Intro:Gif with InstantRst added.
    Syntax:Fix #43 pygment and vim code's different.
    Syntax:Fix #66: directives/comments can start with indentaion
    Misc:Some fixes.
  • 0.73: This is mainly a bug fix version.

    Intro:DONE 2012-10-19 ScreenCast tutor
    Indent:FIXED 2012-10-16 List indentation for visual lines are wrong
    File:DONE 2012-10-17 The file pattern separated for each project.
    Insert:FIXED 2012-10-16 Literal-block create have trailing chars.
    Lists:DONE 2012-10-17 Add :RivListToggle
    Lists:DONE 2012-10-17 List new/sub/sup rewrite
    Indent:FIXED 2012-10-17 fix SuperEnter's indent
    Syntax:DONE 2012-10-17 add highlight for inline hyperlink reference and target
    Syntax:FIXME fix the (**) highlight in directive.
  • 0.72

    Syntax:DONE 2012-09-25 highlight reStructuredText in python DocString.
    File:FIXED 2012-09-25 Fix the file link highlight of ~/.xxx
    Sections:FIXED 2012-10-04 Fix the section Helper.
    Syntax:FIXED 2012-10-04 Workaround of the Spell checking.
    Intro:DONE 2012-10-13 Options section.
    Intro:DONE 2012-10-15 Commands section.
    Intro:DONE 2012-10-16 Rewrite riv_quickstart
    Intro:DONE 2012-10-14 Rewrite riv_todo
    Intro:DONE 2012-10-14 Cheatsheet and Specification added.
    File:DONE 2012-10-13 support user defined rst file suffix.
    File:DONE 2012-10-13 support sphinx embedded :doc: link.
    Test:DONE 2012-10-13 Add :RivVimTest for vim script test.
    Menu:FIXED 2012-10-13 Fix menu disable/enable.
    Links:FIXED 2012-10-13 Fix target link jumping.
    Commands:DONE 2012-10-15 Rewrite command and menu part.
  • 0.71:

    File:DONE 2012-09-13 extension style show in vim only.
    File:DONE 2012-09-13 now square style (moinmoin) use [[xxx]]. easier for regxp match
    File:DONE 2012-09-13 Support Sphinx style :file:, :doc:
    Sections:DONE 2012-09-17 Use sphinx section default markup style?
    Sections:DONE 2012-09-17 section create shortcut will check if it's a section title undercursor and repl it.
    Sections:DONE 2012-09-17 A shortcut to create a document tree.
    Sections:DONE 2012-09-17 Add g:riv_content_format
    Publish:DONE 2012-09-13 remove 'g:riv_file_link_convert'
    Publish:DONE 2012-09-18 different style.css for syntax highlighting in html
    Publish:DONE 2012-09-19 Fix link repl errors while converting to html.
    Links:DONE 2012-09-17 Add g:riv_create_link_pos
    Miscs:DONE 2012-09-19 A google group
  • 0.70:

    Table:DONE 2012-07-17 7b407b4b a table parser of vim version.
    Table:DONE 2012-07-17 7b407b4b rewrite the table actions.
    Table:DONE 2012-07-18 a1f112d1 add create table action.
    Lists:FIXED 2012-07-19 fix list shifting with indent 0
    Helpers:DONE 2012-07-19 add folding to section helper
    File:DONE 2012-07-21 improved link converting. add option
  • 0.69:
    Indent:DONE 2012-07-07 8b2c4611 Rewrite the indent for list and insert.
    File:DONE 2012-07-07 dceab5c1 Add File helper.
    Document:DONE 2012-07-08 69e5a86e commit links
    File:DONE 2012-07-08 a207e1e0 Add Section helper.
    Intro:DONE 2012-07-09 add Riv quickstart
    Insert:DONE 2012-07-13 rewrite and add options about i_tab.
  • 0.68:
    Patterns:DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b Rewrite the pattern and syntax patterns part.
    Todos:DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b Rewrite todo and todo helper.Add Todo Priorities.
    Syntax:DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b Cursor highlight will highlight the todo item
    Syntax:DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b Cursor highlight will check it's valid file
    Lists:DONE 2012-07-07 0a959662 Add list types 0 ~ 4
    Todos:DONE 2012-07-07 142b6c49 Add Prior in helper
  • 0.67:
    Folding:DONE 2012-07-05 da03e247 The line block is folded now.
    Table:DONE 2012-07-05 da03e247 Improved row & col count.
    Lists:DONE 2012-07-05 12bcabf3 Rewrite the list shifting action and formatting action. only fix the indent caused by list-item change. so it did not change the document structure.
    Lists:DONE 2012-07-05 When we add parent list, check if there is a prev parent level and item.
    Syntax:FIXED 2012-07-05 table: not highlighted when after a literal block.
    Syntax:FIXED 2012-07-05 simple table: Span line is not highlighted with one span.
  • 0.66:
    Todos:DONE 2012-06-29 add field list for todo items.
    Indent:DONE 2012-06-29 the indentation in directives should return 0 after 2 blank lines
    Publish:DONE 2012-06-29 Support the reStructuredText document not in a project.
    Indent:DONE 2012-06-29 fix indent of field list. the line + 2 should line up with it's begining .
    Insert:DONE 2012-06-29 9229651d <Tab> and <S-Tab> before list item will now shift the list.
    Lists:DONE 2012-06-30 2b81464f bullet list will auto numbered when change to enumerated list.
    Lists:DONE 2012-06-30 21b8db23 createing new list action in a field list will only add it's indent. refile todo parts.
    Links:DONE 2012-06-30 69555b21 Optimized link finding. Add email web link.
    Links:DONE 2012-06-30 69555b21 Add anonymous phase target and reference jumping and highlighting.
    Highlighting:DONE 2012-07-01 4dc853c1 fix doctest highlighting
    Table:DONE 2012-07-01 38a8cebb Support simple table folding.
    Documents:DONE 2012-07-01 help doc use doc/riv.rst which is link of README.rst
    Documents:DONE 2012-07-01 Add reStructuredText hint and link in instructions
    Indent:DONE 2012-07-01 7e19b531 The indent for shifting lists should based on the parent/child list item length.
    Lists:DONE 2012-07-02 Add a list parser.
  • 0.65:
    • DONE 2012-06-27 take care of the slash of directory in windows .
    • FIXED 2012-06-28 correct cursor position when creating todo items and list items.
    • FIXED 2012-06-28 link highlight group removed after open another buffer.
    • FIXED 2012-06-28 auto mkdir when write file to disk
    • DONE 2012-06-28 format the scratch index, sort with year/month/day
  • 0.64:
    • DONE 2012-06-23 README : rewrite intro/feature part
    • DONE 2012-06-24 Doc : Help document from README.
    • DONE 2012-06-24 Menu : add and fix.
    • DONE 2012-06-24 A shortcut to add date and time.
    • FIXED 2012-06-23 Fold : table should not show an empty line in folding of lists. (nothing wrong, just indent it with the list.)
    • DONE 2012-06-23 Fold : the fold text should showing correct line while editing.
    • FIXED 2012-06-24 Misc : highlight for hover link change to DiffText
    • FIXED 2012-06-24 Misc : create link now will add an empty line.
  • 0.63 < :
    • DONE 2012-06-20 fix fold line with east_asia char
    • DONE 2012-06-20 multi col/row table
    • DONE 2012-05-19 Format Table , use python?
    • FIXED 2012-05-15 intened list item should be highlighted.
    • DONE 2012-05-16 more .ext file to recongnize
    • DONE 2012-05-16 More section title format.
    • FIXED 2012-05-17 deflist wrong indent but still highlighted
    • FIXED 2012-05-19 section title 3 row , wrong highlighted
    • FIXED 2012-05-25 wrong comment fold region include normal text.
    • DONE 2012-06-01 highlight syn directives (code code-block code-name highlights)
    • FIXED 2012-06-01 the enum list's indentation is wrong. (Note: it's right sometimes, and only recongnize num follow '.') (wrong with indented enum list)
    • DONE 2012-06-01 Doc Section index Buffer? same as the contents directive
    • FIXED 2012-06-02 wrong highlight of literal block. one blank line need after '::'