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Riv: QuickStart

Author: Rykka G.F
Date: 2012-10-18

Riv is for better working with reStructuredText in Vim.

This tutor is to show enough commands to work with it.


The commands of this document will modify the text. Make sure it's a copy of quickstart.rst

If you started :RivQuickStart, Then it is a copy, and at '~/Documents/riv_quickstart.rst'


The <C-E> in commands means Ctrl+E or Ctrl+e ,

It is based on g:riv_global_leader If you have changed it, using yours.



This document was opened with some of them are folded.

Toggle Folding

Click or press <Enter> on the folding to open it.

Use za to toggle folding.

Update Folding

Folding will be auto updated when you write to file,

Use zx to update folding manually.



Items are highlighted.

Italic, Strong, Inline Literal, Interpreted, Syntax


code directive are highlighted by it's language.

#include <iostream>
using std::cout;
using std::endl;
int main()
    cout << "Hello";
    cout << endl;
    return 0;



Insert Misc Things

To Insert current date :RivCreateDate or <C-E>cdd


Create a strong text :RivCreateStrong or <C-E>cs,


Create a strong text in Visual Mode.

Make it Strong

These commands can be view by menu or by :popup Riv.Insert


Indents are fixed.

You can use < > to change a line's indent.

Also <Tab> and <S-Tab> and <BS> in Insert Mode at the beginning of line will change it's indent.

  • This is a List

    Press < at This line to align it to parent.

    In Insert Mode, I<BS> at the line begining can be used.

Change Multiple lines in Visual Mode

  • This is a List

    Line 1 Vjj< will align these lines to parent. Line 2 Line 3

List item will change it's level while Shifting.

  • This is a List
    • Press < to change it's level to parent list
  • To get a unfixed Indent, Use <C-E><
    • Press <C-E>< to change it's level to parent list



Create a Section title

:RivTitle1 to :RivTitle6 or <C-E>s1 to <C-E>s6

Use <C-E>s3 to create a level 3 title

A Level 3 title

View current document's sections

:RivHelpSection or <C-E>hs

Insert the Table of Contents

:RivCreateContent or <C-E>cc


Create a literal-block

:RivCreateLiteralBlock or <C-E>cb

Create a explicit-mark

:RivCreateExplicitMark or <C-E>cm


Toggle current line to list

:RivListToggle or <C-E>l`

  • Press <C-E>l` on this line To toggle the List

Create a new list

:RivListNew or <C-E>ln, Also <C-Enter> in Inert Mode

  1. Press A<C-Enter> to create a new list item

Create a sub list

:RivListSub or <C-E>lb, Also <S-Enter> in Inert Mode

  1. Press A<S-Enter> to create a sub list item

Create a sup list

:RivListSup or <C-E>lp, Also <C-S-Enter> in Insert Mode

  1. This is a List

    1. Press A<C-S-Enter> to create a sup list item


Navigate between links

:RivLinkNext :RivLinkPrev, or <Tab> and <S-Tab> in Normal Mode

Section Link

Jump to Link Target

:RivLinkOpen <C-E>ko Or <Enter> or Double clicking in Normal Mode


Link can targets to sections

Use `` or '' to jump back


Create a link

:RivCreateLink or <C-E>ck

Press <C-E>ck on Github to create the Link


Create a Grid Table

:RivTableCreate or <C-E>tc

Table will be auto formatted when you leave insert mode.

In Insert mode:

Press <Enter> to create a new line
Press <C-Enter> to create a new row

Insert a | to create new columns.

A Table


docutils package required.

Convert document to other format

:Riv2HtmlAndBrowse or <C-E>2hh will convert current file to html and browse.

:Riv2Odt or <C-E>2oo will convert current file to odt.

If you are working in a project.

:Riv2HtmlProject will convert current project to html. :RivProjectHtmlIndex will open index in browser.



Put your documents in a project

Open main project's index file

:RivProjectIndex or <C-E>ww to

Show project list

:RivProjectList or <C-E>wa


Link files

File link in vim

File with specified extensions will be highlighted and linked.

index.rst ~/Documents/

It's not converted, so in vim only.

File link in other format

To make links working after converting. Riv provide two styles:

Moinmoin style: [[riv]]

Sphinx style: :doc:`riv`

by default the Moinmoin style are used, and the links of this style will be converted.

If you are using Sphinx style. You must convert it using Sphinx toolkit.


Things Todos

Create todo item and toggle state

On List lines, Press :RivTodoToggle or <C-E>ee, You can also click the todo items to toggle it's state.

  1. [ ] Press <C-E>ee to toggle the todo state.

Change Priorities

:RivTodoPrior or <C-E>ep

  1. [ ] Press <C-E>ep to toggle the todo prior


A place to hold your diaries or notes.

Create scratch of Today

:RivScratchCreate or <C-E>sc

View Scratch Index

:RivScratchView or <C-E>sv


Help manage the document.

Section Helper

:RivHelpSection or <C-E>hs

File Helper

:RivHelpFile or <C-E>hf

Todo Helper

:RivHelpTodo or <C-E>ht

Where To go

The QuickStart for Riv have finished.

You can starting your reStructuredText in Vim.

For Vim help, use :h.

To get a quick view of reStructuredText, use :RivPrimer

To view the detailed Riv instruction, use :RivInstruction

Get Latest Riv or post issues at riv.vim