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Riv: Todos

Things Todo...


  • Folding

    • Sometimes folding did not update correctly.
  • List

    • List behavior not act correctly in Mac OS. see issue 2
  • Publish

    • Converting under windows have errors.

      This may due to docutils could not executing correctly with vimrun.exe.

  • Syntax

    • The .. class:: Model(**Kwarg) will highlight all following document.
  • Insert

    • The visual block insert for <Tab> are not usable.
  • Table

    • The visual block insert for | in table are not usable.
    • The inline target `xxx`_ are not highlighted in table



  • Folding
    • Folding: A buf parser write in python for performance?
  • Syntax
    • highlight the directives with indents.


  • Sections
    • [ ] [#C] Different color for different level of title.
  • Documents
    • A quick ScreenCast tutor.
    • The commands section
  • Links
    • Link anchor between files? index.rst#section -> index.html#section also the Sphinx :ref: style.
  • Table
    • Support simple table format?
    • Support column span for grid table?


  • Project

    • [ ] [#B] A shortcut to create the sphinx TOC tree. also support navigating with the TOC tree.
  • Todos

    • standard name of todo's cache.
  • File

    • hack the docutils parser with local file link.
  • Publish

    • Publish: An option to enable highlighting todo items.
    • the temp path should be validated.
    • javascript for HTML with folding sections.
    • [o] support sphinx make and browse
  • Helpers

    1. Helpers: An option Helper and option cache. Let people use it even without touching .vimrc .
    2. Helpers: A command helper?
  • Scratch

    • Scratch: Show Scratch sign in Calendar.
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