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Made compatible with latest Puppet Master. Clarified installation in the

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This modules allows to configure sysctl.
+= Installing
+Clone the puppet-sysctl project into your modules directory, then ensure you import the module into your manifests:
+ import "puppet-sysctl"
duritong Sep 20, 2011

This should really not be necessary, in general you should avoid import statements. If you name the cloned module sysctl, it will be found automatically. The "puppet-"-prefix is just a convention for puppet modules on github.

Rylon via email Sep 20, 2011 Owner
duritong Sep 20, 2011

Then you should probably ask for help on the puppet-users list, because import shouldn't really be used. You will likely end up with problems. For example have a look at

= Usage
node "mynode" inherits ... {

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