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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 27, 2020 · 24 commits to jay since this release

  • More max controller 4 value changes to use Global.MAX_DS4_CONTROLLER_COUNT parameter. Contribution by mika-n
  • Corrected bindings for AutoProfiles controls
  • Fixed trigger bindings in KB+M presets
  • No longer skip profile migration for version 1 profiles (Jays2Kings)
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 15, 2020 · 34 commits to jay since this release

  • Added FORCE_4_INPUT compilation symbol
  • Another place for bumping up test profile index
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 14, 2020 · 39 commits to jay since this release

  • Fixed test profile index use for Windows 7
  • Found more places where controller limit check was needed
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 14, 2020 · 44 commits to jay since this release

  • Added clamping on LS and RS dead zones in profile reader
  • Corrected test profile index when launching Profile Editor from Profiles tab
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 13, 2020 · 52 commits to jay since this release

  • Allow Black icon image for tray icon
  • Changes to allow a maximum of 8 input controllers. The old limit was 4.
  • Leave custom lightbar color active after macro if 'Keep key state' is set. Contribution by mika-n
  • Added One Euro Filter to UDP Server mapping
  • Added simple Presets window for Profile Editor
  • Changed some Gyro Controls checks in mapping routine. Old routine could have activated any set Gyro Controls buttons even while Gyro Mouse Joystick is used
  • Added a Changelog viewer window to project
  • Remove temp profile association on device removal
  • Fixed profile save name check for Save method in Profile Editor
  • Changed Quick Charge check to delay disconnecting BT controller until USB controller is detected. Allows USB wall chargers to be used to charge a DS4 and not interfere.
  • Fixed profile save on profile migration
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 3, 2020 · 76 commits to jay since this release

  • Added XInputChecker link
  • Fixed null pointer issues in Macro Editor when using Preset options
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Sep 2, 2020 · 82 commits to jay since this release

  • Added WIN64 compilation symbol back in
  • Added Touchpad Click as an output binding
  • Added support for SnakeByte Game:Pad 4S gamepad. Contribution by mika-n
  • Implemented fuzz routine for LS and RS. Delta value before stick coordinates are updated
  • Changed assembly references. Found a way to safely use AggressiveInlining
  • Increased initial service start delay
  • Do not change window size if it is currently larger than default Profile Editor size
  • Added note about Edge to Exclusive mode error message
  • Fixed app crash when TaskService COM objects don't work. Contribution by mika-n
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Aug 30, 2020 · 99 commits to jay since this release

  • Fixed 'index out of bounds' error for localization string when default profile is not found. Contribution by mika-n
  • Updated build script to bundle newer translation packs
  • Updated Spanish translation. Contribution by peter9811
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Aug 29, 2020 · 112 commits to jay since this release

  • Removed LBRY social link and resources
  • Allow setting a custom executable file for DS4Windows.exe
  • Changed CONFIG_VERSION to 4. Start of profile migration support
  • Added 1 Euro Filter smoothing for Gyro Mouse and Gyro Mouse Joystick output modes
  • Bump up Gyro Mouse offsets
  • Apply 1 Euro filter to calculated rotation angle from 360 Steering Wheel mode rather than each accel axis value
  • Fixed locatiztion bug in the input custom bezier curve string value. Contribution by mika-n
  • Added support for three specialist PS4 controllers. Contribution by tpneill
  • Increased scale multiplier used for Gyro Mouse
  • Changed translation string for 'save' in German translation. Contribution by Haamar
  • Dutch translation added. Contribution by RedDevilus
  • French translation added. Contribution by RedDevilus
  • Only call RefreshVolume when the DS4Audio device is detected
  • App can now find a unified USB device tied to the DS4 HID and audio devices. DS4Windows no longer relies on string name to match audio devices
  • Increased minimum headphone volume
  • Added new Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) translation. Contribution by SyaoranChang
  • Fixed issue with wrong window position data being saved while window is minimized
  • Now show battery level for controller plugin tray message
  • Added current battery level from DS4State object to Controller Readings. Used to diagnose if BatteryChanged events are not firing in main window
  • Change profile save routine to allow dots in profile name
  • Escape underscores in profile names for some GUI controls. Needed to disable access key usage in some GUI controls
  • Fixed sides for Test Rumble in Profile Editor
  • Allow both rumble motors to be usable simultaneously for Test Rumble
  • Dynamically create task.bat file as requested. Allows a custom exe filename to be written to the file
  • Reset button mappings when a special action is triggered
  • Updated app manifest file to specify confirmed compatible versions of Windows
  • Now log current exe filename to Log file. Just the base filename not the whole path
  • Updated DS4Updater.exe to version 1.4.3
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Aug 7, 2020 · 171 commits to jay since this release

  • New 'Query' cmdline options to return profile and DS4Windows app properties to a 3rd party app or batch scripts. Contribution by mika-n
  • Fixed Gyro Mouse Joystick invert options
  • Added OneEuroFilter class to project
  • Added 1 Euro Filter options to 360 Steering Wheel mode
  • Disable profile name textbox when editing an existing profile
  • Abstract portion of resource URI strings
  • Added max output throttling option to Gyro Mouse Joystick
  • Quick change to not persist auto profile messages to the log file
  • Added small wrapper for ReaderWriteerLockSlim objects
  • Display Gyro Mouse Joystick anti-dead zones as percentages
  • Take special action for certain keys in RecordBox when WPF does not transmit a KeyDown event
  • Added RWin button handling in mapping window
  • Added Parler Social link in About window
  • Added GitHub Issue template to Git repository
  • Added minimum threshold for Gyro Mouse Joystick
  • Set neutral resource language for assembly
  • Disabled force feedback support for virtual DS4 controllers
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