Convert Tilemap to SpriteRenders in Unity 2017.2 or Unity 2D Experimental Preview R4.
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TilemapConverter converts Tilemap to SpriteRenders.

The feature of Tilemap will be introduced in Unity 2017.2.

If you convert Tilemap, you can use it as SpriteRenders event though with older version than Unity 2017.2.

How to use

Open the scene that contains Tilemap.

Select Assets > Convert Tilemap to Sprite in MenuItem.

SpriteRenders are created from Tilemap.

2D Expremental Preview Release 4 vs 2017.2 beta

Unity 2017.2 is newer version than Unity 2D Expremental Preview Release 4.

By the way, Unity 2017.2 does not have Isometric and Hexagonal tile.

If you want to try Isometric and Hexagonal tile, please use Unity 2D Expremental Preview Release 4.

Unity 2D Experimental Preview


Ryota Murohoshi is game Programmer in Japan.


This library is under MIT License.