Homebrew Notification Manager for the Nintendo 3DS
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Homebrew Notification Manager


  • Create your own custom notifications.
    • Message: You can manually type a message, use a text file from the SD card as the message, or copy from another notification.
      • Cannot exceed 6016 bytes (~5.8kb).
    • Image (optional): You can select a JPG image from the SD card, or use an image from another notification.
      • Should be exactly 400x240 and cannot exceed 50kb.
    • Process ID (optional): You can select from which app the notification was received (no app = system notification).
  • Read and delete notifications.
    • Notifications are automatically marked as read by NotifyMii upon reading.
    • You can also view a notification's image.
  • Dump a notification's message and image to the SD card.
    • Messages are saved as HHMMSS_TITLE.txt.
    • Images are saved as HHMMSS_TITLE.jpg.
    • Both are saved to SD:/NotifyMii.
  • Dump or delete all notifications at once.
  • Launch the app from which the notification was received.


  • Write a GUI.
  • Notification editing.


  • Rinnegatamante, for the notification dumping code from Purgification and utf<->ascii functions from lpp-3ds.
  • Kerouz, for the app's banner and icon.
  • Smealum and many others, for ctrulib.
  • Steveice10, for buildtools.
  • xerpi, for sf2dlib, sfillib and sftdlib.