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fbahelpfilesrc fbahelp docs: make dialog rom paths less confusing Feb 21, 2019
localisationinfo might be better May 12, 2019
projectfiles First pass at name change May 17, 2019
src Merge branch 'master' of May 19, 2019
.editorconfig tab size Feb 25, 2019 missed a bit May 17, 2019
fba.chm Help file update Jun 8, 2018
makefile oops, wasn't supposed to commit that :P May 19, 2019
makefile.burner_win32_rules NeoGeo CD: add support for bin/cue and ccd/img/sub (trurip). remove s… Feb 6, 2019
makefile.mingw makefile.mingw, parallelizer fix for fresh builds May 19, 2019
makefile.sdlrules First pass at name change May 17, 2019

FinalBurn Neo

Official Forum:

This is the official repository of the FinalBurn Neo Emulator.

Use of this program and its source code is subject to the license conditions provided in the license.txt file in the src folder.

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