This is the parent repository of Partov Engine project. Partov Network Simulation Emulation (PartovNSE) and Client Framework (CF) subprojects make it possible to perform discrete event simulation, extensible through plugins, joining real networks via emulation, supporting realtime scheduling, and so on.
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Partov Engine

Partov (Portable and Reliable Tool fOr Virtualization) is a network simulation and virtualization system. Clone this parent repository using git clone --recursive command in order to fetch contents of its submodules.


Partov: A Network Simulation and Emulation Tool, B. Momeni, M. Kharrazi, Journal of Simulation, 2016. DOI

Improving Computer Networks Course Using the Partov Simulation Engine, B. Momeni, M. Kharrazi, IEEE Transactions on Education, Volume 55, Issue 3, August 2012. DOI