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EAD3 Schema files

  • ead3.rng: RelaxNG Schema for EAD3. Compiled version of inprocess/ead3_driver.rng and included files, which is the primary maintenance schema from which other versions are derived
  • ead3.dtd: XML Document Type Definition for EAD3, derived from inprocess/ead3_dtd.rng customization to create DTD version
  • ead3.xsd: W3C XML Schema for EAD3, derived from ead3.rng and post-processed by inprocess/deglobalize.xsl
  • schematron/ead.sch: Schematron schema for ancillary validation of codelist values, date patterns, and co-occurrence constraints

Rolling revision cycle

(pending final confirmation and approval)

EAS Minor Revision Process

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