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Submitting an Issue or Feature Request

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The Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Standards (TS-EAS) addresses community-submitted requests on an ongoing basis. We welcome requests from the community for bug fixes or new features for consideration, submitted through the following channels described below.

A brief tutorial about this process is available on SAA's YouTube Channel.

Video: How to Submit a Bug Report or Feature Request for EAD and EAC-CPF

Web form

Requests may be submitted using the Web form at ( The form is also available on the EAD and EAC-CPF websites. Submissions should detail the issue, including information on reproducing the bug and your institutional operating environment. Suggestions for rectifying the issue may also be included. This information will then be transferred to GitHub by the subcommittee for tracking purposes.


Requests may also be directly in GitHub under the relevant standard. For example, issues and feature requests for Encoded Archival Description should be submitted under EAD3, or under EAC-CPF. Submissions should include the following information:

  • Name and institution of reporter
  • Desired change
  • Suggested solution
  • Steps to reproduce issue (for bugs)
  • Institutional context
  • Operating environment

Submission templates are available at under each standard at the following links:

Review Process

The appropriate team of TS-EAS will review and evaluate requests as they are received, seek additional information when necessary, and conduct discussion of requests in GitHub issue threads.