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/// Functions for managing the Giraffe web server.
module ServerCode.WebServer
open ServerCode
open Giraffe
open Saturn.Router
/// Start the web server and connect to database
let webApp databaseType =
let startupTime = System.DateTime.UtcNow
let db = Database.getDatabase databaseType startupTime
let secured = router {
pipe_through (Saturn.Auth.requireAuthentication Saturn.ChallengeType.JWT)
post "/api/wishlist/" (WishList.postWishList db.SaveWishList)
router {
not_found_handler Pages.notfound
getf "/api/wishlist/%s" (WishList.getWishList db.LoadWishList)
get "/api/resetTime/" (WishList.getResetTime db.GetLastResetTime)
post "/api/users/login/" Auth.login
// SSR
get "" (Pages.home db.LoadWishList)
get "/" (Pages.home db.LoadWishList)
get "/login" Pages.login
forward "" secured