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SAIS S2S Technology is a student-to-student (S2S) education platform focused on tech-policy and located at the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). We provide policy students with the tools they need to apply their geopolitical understanding to a world shaped by rapid technological advancements.

You can also find our website here:


This repository contains

  • Roadmap with details on how we work
  • Alumni deck outlining how we seek to engage JHU alumni
  • Adviser deck outlining how we seek to engage third parties
  • CAPS course website with links to the syllabus and slides for our Computational Applications to Policy (CAPS) workshop
  • Reading list covering the intersection of AI and international relations
  • Primer series with short reports on computational methods, AI and international relations
  • Distributed career guide based on interviews with SAIS alumni working in the tech sector

Why we exist

We believe that rapid technological advancements are leading to profound changes in the conduct of global policy. Founded near the end of World War II, our graduate school, the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), is committed to supporting and understanding the dynamics of an open and stable world. Adapting this commitment to a world shaped by rapid technological advancements requires an educational environment capable of fast reconfiguration and scale. To make guiding contributions to this environment at SAIS, we founded SAIS S2S Technology.

We aim for our work to contribute towards greater collaboration between the public sector and the technology sector. We see the work of Paul Nitze, the founder of SAIS, as a model for our work — bringing together different worlds (the public sector, technology, business, education, among others) to advance openness and stability in times of significant change.

To learn more about our mission and our background, please refer to the roadmap.

What we do

We operate on a model of distributed learning — we teach from student to student and transfer knowledge through tools that are built collaboratively, deployed fast and improved continuously. We are passionate about optimizing our learning to thrive in an environment defined by low resources, limited time and the fast evolving subject of artificial intelligence and emerging information technology paradigms.

For details on our products and tools and the rationale behind them, please refer to the product section of the roadmap.

Here is a breakdown of our operations:

  • Primer series — short reports on the intersection of AI and international relations
  • Events and conferences — hosting leaders at SAIS
  • Distributed career guide — interviewing alumni working in technology
  • Computational Applications to Policy and Strategy (CAPS) workshop — AI strategy and applications in python-sc2
  • Career assistance — tailored advice to students
  • Research opportunities — creating opportunities through partnerships

You are part of this

We want to build partnerships with you. We are a collaborative platform and strive to engage partners who can guide and advise us or seek to contribute in other ways. In addition to the below links, please also refer to the partnership section of the roadmap.

  • SAIS alumni please refer to the alumni deck.
  • Potential advisers please refer to the adviser deck.
  • SAIS students please refer to the student section of the raodmap. We are always looking for students seeking to contribute to SAIS S2S Technology.

We greatly appreciate that you are taking the time to learn about us and hope that this information is useful to you.

Who we are

We are a group of students currently enrolled in the Master of Arts program at SAIS pursuing concentrations in Strategic Studies, Energy, Ressources and Environment, China Studies and Conflict Management.

Leo Klenner | Jun Park | Matt Reynolds | Chenny Zhang | Zoe Li | Jonathan Liu | Jung-Ju Lee | Henry Fung | Tamas Olah

We are fortunate to be working closely with Jean-Amiel Jourdan, Director of Global Careers at SAIS.

Where we work

Washington, DC — 1740 Massachusetts Ave., NW


Please refer to the roadmap or contact us at:

Interested in what we are thinking about? Take a look at our evolving reading list.

You can also follow SAIS S2S Technology on Twitter and LinkedIn.


The contents of this repository are sourced under a MIT License.


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