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These are the EZGripper ROS drivers. If you are not using ROS, use

Install the EZGripper ROS Driver (Indigo or Kinetic)

  1. Install the python EZGripper library

  2. Install dependencies:

    $ sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-joystick-drivers


    $ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-joystick-drivers

  3. Download code:

    $ cd ~/catkin_ws/src $ git clone $ cd .. $ catkin_make

  4. Setup parameters in joy.launch file

  • ~port - serial device (like "/dev/ttyUSB0") or tcp endpoint (like "") to use
  • ~baud - baud rate of the serial device, not used for tcp
  • grippers - definition of grippers on this serial bus: the gripper name to use for the action interface and the servo id of the gripper (several ids if several grippers are to be used as one group), for example {left:[9], right:[10,11]}. By default, SAKE Robotics delivers its grippers with address 1 for Duals and 1 and 2 for Quads and 57kbps.
  1. Launch the node - example launch files to support various EZGripper configurations.

    $ roslaunch ezgripper_driver joy.launch // joy.launch is configured for a single servo gripper (dual) and the USB interface

    $ roslaunch ezgripper_driver joy2.launch // joy2.launch is configured for two independent servos (quad independent) and the USB interface

    $ roslaunch ezgripper_driver joy2sync.launch // joy2sync.launch controls two servos as if it were a single servo (quad dependent) and the USB interface

    $ roslaunch ezgripper_driver joy_tcp.launch // joy_tcp.launch controls a single servo via TCP instead of USB

Action API

The driver provides an implementation of the SimpleActionServer, that takes in control_msgs/GripperCommand actions. A sample client (nodes/ is included that provides joystick control using the action API.

urdf Models

see in the urdf directory.


Serial connection issues:

Error message: 'Serial' object has no attribute 'setParity'  --- this message indicates you have a new version of serial library that causes issues.  Do the following command to load an older pySerial library.
$ sudo pip install "pySerial>=2.0,<=2.9999"

Error message: permission denied (get accurate error message).  This indicates the user does not have privellages to use the /dev/ttyUSBx.  The solution is to add the <user> to the "dialout" group.  After executing the following command, reboot.
$ sudo adduser <user> dialout


EZGripper robotic gripper - ROS drivers






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