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EZGripper extension for Universal Robots

Download the URCap file from

Put ezgripper-ur-X.Y.Z.urcap zip file onto a USB drive for installation into PolyScope.

In PolyScope,

  1. Goto Setup -> URCaps
  2. Add (+) the .urcaps file
  3. Restart
  4. Goto Program Robot
  5. Program New, Load or start from template
  6. tab Structure -> subtab URCaps
  7. click EZGripper
  8. move EZGripper to top of program
  9. tab Command
  10. click Calibrate ---- this must be done before using the EZGrippers. That is why it is at the top of the program.
  11. add additional EZGripper instances for open and closing the grippers
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