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This is the respositry of the website of MADspace, the Eindhoven Hackerspace.

After some years of presence on various (internet) media, we decided to migrate to one Git-based website. Our website is now primarily hosted on GitHub using GitHub Pages for ease of viewing via a Web browser. We stress, however, the website is Git-based, not necessarily GitHub-based!

This move offers several important advantages:

  • Independence on the underlying hosting company
  • Flexibility of distribution
  • Integrity protection
  • Easily accessible edits history

The statement about independence on hosting might sound a bit surprising, because one could point out that we still depend on GitHub to host the website repo. However, this is really just a technicality. We might, trivially (via git push), move to another Git hosting platform, shall there be any problems with GitHub (e.g. censorship).

While the use of Markdown and Jekyll, which is natively used by GitHub Pages to render nicely looking static HTML, makes this repo somehow GitHub-specific, special care has been taken to make all the content human readable even without Jekyll pre-processing and when viewed using standard plaintext editors.

Moreover, it’s not just us who can move this website to some other hosting platform, but this could be anybody, thanks to the ease of Git repo cloning (irrelevant whether through GitHub web interface or just using git clone/pull manually). This, combined with integrity protection discussed later, allows anybody to create mirrors offering this website to different groups of people, without losing ability to prove its authenticity, which no longer needs to be implied by DNS record ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute?

  1. fork the repository
  2. make your changes
  3. create a pull request

We follow the methodology as described on the github help pages on forking and syncing

What work needs to be done?

We use the github issue queue, so you can have a look at it to see what the current issues are.

If you see something you would like to work on, get in touch with a maintainer and start working :-)

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