Interactive Spark Notebooks for running SANSA examples.
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Interactive Spark Notebooks for running SANSA-Examples. In this repository you will find a docker-compose.yml for running Hadoop/Spark cluster locally. The cluster also includes Hue for navigation and copying file to HDFS. The notebooks are created and run using Apache Zeppelin.


  • Docker Engine >= 1.13.0
  • docker-compose >= 1.10.0
  • Around 10 GB of disk space for Docker images

After installation of docker add yourself to docker group (%username% is your username) and relogin:

sudo usermod -aG docker %username%

This allows to run docker commands without sudo prefix (necessary for running make targets).

Getting started

Get the SANSA Examples jar file (requires wget):


Start the cluster (this will lead to downloading BDE docker images, will take a while):

make up

When start-up is done you will be able to access the following interfaces:

make load-data

Go on and open Zeppelin, choose any available notebook and try to execute it.

Apache Zeppelin RDF

To restart Zeppelin without restarting the whole stack:

make restart

Executing Examples From Command Line

It is also possible to execute the applications from the command line. Get SANSA-Examples jar and start the cluster if you already have not done it:

make up
make load-data

Then you can execute any of the following commands to run the examples from the command line:

make cli-triples-reader
make cli-triple-ops
make cli-triples-writer
make cli-pagerank
make cli-rdf-stats
make cli-inferencing
make cli-sparklify
make cli-owl-reader-manchester
make cli-owl-reader-functional
make cli-owl-dataset-reader-manchester
make cli-owl-dataset-reader-functional
make cli-clustering
make cli-rule-mining


  • The instructions from this repo were tested on Ubuntu 16.04 with Docker engine 17.03.
  • Maintained by Ivan Ermilov