Prototype of plant breeding using Snap! and Arduino
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Smart Gardening.xml

SAP Young Thinkers – Smart Gardening

In the near future, agricultural food production will face an increasing number of challenges. According to United Nations’ Population Division, the world’s population might reach the 10 billion mark by 2050. Thus, the overall food production has to be increased significantly. In contrast, the awareness of environmentally harmful processes during food production has risen. More and more consumers ask for organic agriculture with less land consumption, using less pesticide and transportation resources. This requires improvements particularly in respect of food transparency which can at least partly be addressed via IoT. This is why SAP’s Young Thinkers Network, an education initiative of SAP together with d-shop Walldorf, decided to develop a smart gardening module for schools. Combining interdisciplinary topics as food security, plant physiology, business processes, coding and IoT the module builds a bridge from a single plant monitor to a greater context. Using Snap!, a graphic programming language, together with SAP technologies as HANA Cloud Platform and UI5, this module is convenient for beginners as well as professionals. If you are interested in the future of food production or just need a smart way to keep your pot plant alive, feel free to use our module and contact us at

You can find the sapUI5 application under Be aware that you must have an SAP Cloud Platform account.


  • Arduino Nano
  • Breadboard
  • DHT11 for temperature and humidity
  • SparkFun Soil Moisture sensor
  • BH1750 for light intensity



How to use this project

  • Download firmata
  • Upload firmata to your board
  • Download Smart Gardening.xml and open it in Snap4Arduino
  • In Snap4Arduino, connect your board (category "Arduino")

Happy Prototyping!