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A collection of materials for the joined SAP & Apple Roadshow event.
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A collection of materials for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Workshop.


This repository contains the materials for the SAP & Apple Roadshow 2019. You can find a Reference file which contains links to various information and resource websites.

Material organization

The References file are located in the root of the repository. The sample backend binary and source files can be found in the Release tab of this repository.

Part of the workshop will be setting up your development infrastructure. To do so, you will follow guides which are ordered as follows:

  1. Deploy the Java Backend to Neo
  2. Enable SAP Mobile Services for Neo Trial
  3. Configure the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant
  4. How to generate an app with the SAP Cloud Platform for iOS Assistant
  5. Make the UI of the generated app your own
  6. OData Query Refernce

There are two additional guides containing information about how to alter your backend database and examples of OData queries you can use to access and update data in your backend:


Feel free to leave us feedback or bugs as an Issue on GitHub. Also talk to us after the workshop if there are any further questions. Thank you.

Download and installation

To follow the workshop it is necesseray to deploy the backend in your SAP Cloud Platform account. This is described in the Setup Guide file.

How to obtain support

This content is provided "as-is" with no other support.


Copyright (c) 2019 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

This file is licensed under the SAP Sample Code License except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.

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