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CodeJam - Combine SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack Applications

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This repository contains the material for the CodeJam on using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and SAP HANA Cloud to create Full-Stack Applications. In this CodeJam we will learn how to Deploy and configure an instance of the SAP HANA Cloud trial, develop a multi-target application using SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and create a service layer and SAP Fiori UI that also includes SAP HANA native artifacts, such as calculation views.



The requirements to follow the exercises in this repository, including hardware and software, are detailed in the prerequisites file.

Material organization

The material consists of a series of exercises. Each exercise is meant to be independent of each other so, attendees can potential pick and choose which exercise to work on. Each exercise is contained in a directory, with a main 'readme' file containing the core exercise instructions, with optional supporting files, such as screenshots and sample files.

Following the exercises

During the CodeJam you will complete each exercise one at a time. At the end of each exercise there are questions; these are designed to help you think about the content just covered, and are to be discussed with the entire CodeJam class, led by the instructor, when everyone has finished that exercise.

If you finish an exercise early, please resist the temptation to continue with the next one. Instead, explore what you've just done and see if you can find out more about the subject that was covered. That way we all stay on track together and can benefit from some reflection via the questions (and answers).

The exercises are written in a conversational way; this is so that they have enough context and information to be completed outside the hands-on session itself. To help you navigate and find what you have to actually do next, there are pointers like this 👉 throughout that indicate the things you have to actually do (as opposed to just read for background information).

The exercises

Here's an overview of the exercises in this CodeJam.

Known Issues



If you can spare a couple of minutes at the end of the session, please help me improve for next time by giving me some feedback.

Simply use this Give Feedback link to create a special "feedback" issue, and follow the instructions in there.

How to obtain support

Create an issue in this repository if you find a bug or have questions about the content.

For additional support, ask a question in SAP Community.

Further connections and information

Here are a few pointers to resources for further connections and information:


If you wish to contribute code, offer fixes or improvements, please send a pull request. Due to legal reasons, contributors will be asked to accept a DCO when they create the first pull request to this project. This happens in an automated fashion during the submission process. SAP uses the standard DCO text of the Linux Foundation.


Copyright (c) 2022 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, version 2.0 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.


This repo contains the exercise instructions, starting template code, and sample solution for the CodeJam based on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.




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