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There are hardware, software and service prerequisites for participating in this CodeJam. The exercises will be shown executing in the SAP Business Application Studio as the development tool. However you can also execute them locally on your own tooling such as Microsoft VSCode or using a Dev Container or Codespace. See separate section for each of these options.

Normal Prerequisites (SAP Business Application Studio)


  • None



Prerequisites for Performing the Exercises Locally

In this exercise variant you will install all development tools locally in your laptop and develop test there. Unfortunately the SAP HANA Graphical Calculation View Editor is not supported as a VSCode Extension yet, so those steps must be performed in the SAP Business Application Studio. However the rest of the exercises are possible locally.

Local Hardware

  • None

Local Software

Local Services

Prerequisites for Performing the Exercises in a Dev Container

In this scenario you will develop locally but we will reduce the amount of setup steps and tools you need to install by using development containers. This uses Docker Desktop and VSCode extensions provided by Microsoft to configure and remotely connect VSCode to this a container.

Dev Container Hardware

  • If running on arm64/Apple Silicon (otherwise known as the Apple M1), the please change the devcontainer.json file and the VARIANT value from 16-buster to 16-bullseye after cloning and starting the Dev Container

Dev Container Software

Dev Container Services

Prerequisites for Performing the Exercises in a Codespaces

This is a bit of a hybrid scenario. It uses the Dev Container configuration but runs the Dev Container and development tools in the cloud via GitHub Codespaces. It has the ease of starting similar to SAP Business Application Studio and its Dev Spaces, but allows for more customization of the environment and usage of a larger range of VSCode Extensions.

Codespaces Hardware

  • None

Codespaces Software

  • From GitHub choose the option to create a new codespace. TO-DO Add screenshot once repo is Public.

  • You can then use this codespace from the browser or open it remotely in your locally VSCode installation. The codespace will be pre-configured with the correct Node.js runtime, all other development tools and already has the project cloned into it.

Codespaces Services