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Description Realize integration of SAP Leonardo IoT and C4 Field Service Management to automate service calls and get IoT context data to help field technicians.
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Integration Between SAP Leonardo IoT with SAP Field Service Management


This IoT reference application is meant to make it simpler for you to build your own IoT application. It walks you through all of the steps and provides you with all configuration and source code required for you to be able to reproduce the application 1:1.

It features the use of Leonardo IoT, Field Service Management and a Web-based UI.

We used Robot4000 at SAP as the example devices to be monitored and facilitate the below usecases.

  • Enabling SAP Leonardo IoT to automatically create the service call in SAP Field Service Management based on the conditions on device measurements and aggregates.
  • Enabling Service Technical to access equipment specific content from SAP Leonardo IoT in SAP Field Service Management Mobile Application (iPhone) from a Service Call view.



Download the files from GitHub as a zip file, or clone the repository on your desktop.


Refer to the documentation.

As the source code needs to be deployed in cloud platform account, Please follow the typical approach for managing source code, Building MTA applications and Deploying MTA applications to cloud platform.


We provided some example configuration for e.g. the Connected Silo in the source files that might be helpful to get you started. We also illustrated the Thing Model and you can configure it in Leonardo IoT via the Thing Modeler apps.

Version Compatibility

SAP Leonardo IoT

Release : 1905

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Release : 4.0 ( 1904 ).

SAP Field Service Management
  • Release : 1905
  • Service Call API Version : V2
  • Mobile Application Support : iPhone, iOS 12.3.1, Protocal Version : 5
  • Coresuite
  • DTO's
    • Equipment : 17
    • Service Call : 17
  • Release : 1.66.1
HTML5 Application Repository
  • Release: 1905

Limitations/ Boundary conditions

  • Consumption of SAP Leonardo IoT content is only supported in FSM Mobile Application of iPhone ( iOS 12.3.1 ).
  • All Service Technicians are expected to have same level of authorizations for consuming IoT content
  • Role Collection assignments to Service Technicians at Cloud Identity Provider would not have any impact on data authorization while accessing the content from FSM Mobile Application.
  • IoT Application used in the Web Container configuration can consume content only from SAP Leonardo IoT service & API's from other business services or other applications can't be consumed.


We provided the complete documentation inside docs folder.


The content is provided "as-is". There is no guarantee that raised issues will be answered or addressed in future releases.


Copyright (c) 2019 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. This file is licensed under the SAP Sample Code License, v1.0 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.

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