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Security Updates, Maintenance and Support

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Maintenance describes the planned and scheduled work which is necessary to keep a product running and secure. Support, on the other hand, is an ad-hoc, on-request effort to fix a specific problem in a product.

SapMachine updates will be available at no-costs for the full maintenance period. SAP also offers professional support to all SAP customers who use SapMachine in the context of SAP supported products.

OpenJDK provides a new feature release every six months, and a maintenance/security update based upon each active release every three months. We will follow this schedule for publishing binary releases from SapMachine to ensure you get the latest, most secure builds.

In addition, every three years one feature release will be designated as the Long Term Supported (LTS) release. We will support LTS releases for at least four years. This assurance will allow you to stay on a well-defined code stream, and give you time to migrate to the next, new, stable, LTS release when it becomes available.

Based upon this roadmap, and starting with Java 10:

First Availability End of Life
SapMachine 10 03/2018 09/2018
SapMachine 11 (LTS) 09/2018 09/2022
SapMachine 12 03/2019 09/2019
SapMachine 13 09/2019 03/2020
... ... ...
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