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Marco Dahms
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Cost Center Creation Tool

Showcase application to demonstrate BAPI invocation using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK.

This application retrieves Cost Centers from a given Controlling Area, uses one Cost Center as reference, and creates additional Cost Centers based on the reference. The name of the new Cost Centers consists of a specified prefix plus an increased suffix.


  • Parameter namingPrefix specified as "CC"
  • Parameter namingSuffixStartCounter specified as 1
  • Parameter numberOfCreations specified as 3
  • The application creates Cost Centers CC1, CC2, and CC3

Running Integration Tests

Add file credentials.yml in the folder /integration-tests/src/test/resources.

- alias: "ErpQueryEndpoint"  
  username: "<S/4HANA User>"  
  password: "<S/4HANA Password>"   

Add file systems.yml in the folder /integration-tests/src/test/resources.

  default: "ErpQueryEndpoint"
    - alias: "ErpQueryEndpoint"
      sapClient: "<sapClient>"
      systemId: "<SystemIdentifier>"
      applicationServer: "<applicationServer>"
      instanceNumber: "<instanceNumber>"

Adjust the test case parameters in method testService in class CostCenterCreationServletTest. Maintain the test case parameters according to the ERP system you connect to:

  • controllingArea: Specify the Controlling Area in which you want to create Cost Centers.
  • costCenterIndex: Decide which Cost Center in the given Controlling Area is considered as reference for the new Cost Centers.
  • numberOfCreations: Decide how many Cost Centers shall be created.
  • namingPrefix: Specify how the names of the new Cost Centers shall start.
  • namingSuffixStartCounter: Specify the start counter for the naming suffix.
  • Execute the following commands in the project root
mvn clean install   
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