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@fwilhe fwilhe released this Sep 21, 2018 · 108 commits to master since this release

Release v10

  • We added Kubernetes support for the pipeline, for information on how to set this up, refer to our documentation

  • Use cloud foundry deployment step from SAP/jenkins-library and remove our own step, refer to our updated documentation

    • Please update your configuration accordingly, if you are using cloud foundry deployment. We do offer a compatibility layer for now, but we intent to remove this in a later version. Check the build artifacts for a pipeline_config_new.yml file which will ease the migration process.
  • Unify stageBuildBackend and stageBuildFrontend into one stageBuild, for background consult the architecture decision record

  • Add a new stage for Fortify scans Stage configuration documentation, Step configuration documentation

    • We cannot provide a Docker image with the Fortify client, so you need to provide your own if you choose to use it
  • New shell script to use tab-completion in cx-server on Linux and macOS, refer to our documentation

  • Avoid null pointer exception in cases when skipping of stages was not run

  • Remove compatibility layer for typo in the key "credentials" in integration tests stage

  • Automatically remove short-lived utility Docker containers

  • Make warning more explicit when Docker is running on low memory (less then 4 gigabyte assigned to Docker on Windows or macOS)

  • Catch typical error conditions when running cx-server.bat on Windows and point to help resources

  • Set SAP npm registry with global flag in browsers image

  • Prepend wildcards for nexus no-proxy entries

    We take the unix-style no-proxy list and convert it to be suitable for nexus.

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