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Python client library for SAP AI Business Services - Document Classification REST API

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This repository contains the source code of a Python client library to facilitate the use of SAP AI Business Services - Document Classification. The client library provides convenient methods to access the service that issue calls to the SAP AI Business Services - Document Classification REST API. In order to be able to use the library you need to have access to SAP Business Technology Platform.

Please check out the usage examples, they are very useful to get started with the service.

Please have a look at API documentation in order to use the library.


This library requires properly setup Python 3 environment.

Download and Installation

This Python library should be consumed in the standard way by running

pip install sap-document-classification-client

or adding the library as a dependency of your code in requirements.txt file.

Demo usage

To try out the Document classification service using the document classification client library you can also run the two demo links below:

  • Try out DC classification using default model demo
  • Try out DC training and classification using custom model demo

Known Issues

Please see the issues section.

How to obtain support

In case you would like to contribute to this project, ask any questions or get support, please open an issue containing the description of your question or planned contribution in GitHub and we will get in touch.


Python client library for the SAP AI Document Classification service, which provides easy access to the REST API.




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