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OpenUI5 Community Projects

Have a look at these great projects created and managed by our community. You can list new entries by following the instructions at the end of this page.

Most popular projects will be featured on

Community Projects

Name Owner Category Description License
Brackets UI5 @wozjac Brackets extension An extension for Brackets providing support (code hints, quick docs and more) for OpenUI5/SAPUI5 libraries. MIT
Deoplete sap-icon @Trulsaa nvim plugin Neovim deoplete sap-icon plugin MIT License
Easy UI5 @IObert Tool Generator for OpenUI5 apps using the official UI5 tooling and supporting deployment to SAP Cloud Platform. Apache 2.0
Express UI5 @handy-man Tool CLI tool to create ui5 projects quickly from developer maintained templates. Apache 2.0
grunt-nwabap-ui5uploader @pfefferf Tool A Grunt plugin to upload UI5 sources to a SAP NetWeaver ABAP system. Apache 2.0
JSX to UI5 Babel Plugin @serban-petrescu Tool A Babel plugin for converting JSX to UI5 render manager calls. Apache 2.0
Meteor-UI5 @proehlen Extension Meteor-UI5 is a collection of packages that brings together two powerful open source JavaScript web frameworks: Meteor and OpenUI5. Apache 2.0
OpenUI5-FHIR @flovogt JS Library OpenUI5-FHIR provides the sap.fhir UI5 library including the FHIR Model which simplifies the implementation of UI5 applications based on a FHIR® endpoint. Apache 2.0
openui5-i18n-util @StErMi Tool This script will search all your i18n strings and build auto-magically every translations file for you. Apache 2.0
OpenUI5 Library @cahein JS Library Library to speed up development with OpenUI5. Includes UIComponent generator. MIT
OpenUI5 Parallax @michadelic Control A library wrapping parallax.js in UI5 controls to create stunning layered effects Apache 2.0
OpenUI5 Password @mauriciolauffer JS Library An OpenUI5 Control which checks your password strength and validates it. MIT
OpenUI5 Tour @mauriciolauffer JS Library OpenUI5 Tour enables an user-friendly way to showcase products and features in your website. MIT
OpenUI5 Validator @mauriciolauffer JS Library An OpenUI5 library to validate fields. MIT
ui5-codecompletion @vobu Tool node module (CLI) to configure WebStorm with UI5 code completion in *.js files WTFPL
UI5 CRUDModel for php data services @BarryDam Model UI5 Model implementation which allows you to use a php Web server as a data service MIT
ui5-fontawesome @zypA13510 Icons Use free Font Awesome icons in your UI5 apps. Font Awesome Free License and MIT
UI5 Interactive Model Inspector (Custom Control) @mitch-b Control This custom control allows you to view (and modify) state of your client and server models for debugging and development. MIT
ui5lab @ui5lab Tool UI5Lab is a community driven project to establish a repository for UI5 Custom Control Libraries. It is meant to enable everyone to use UI5 Custom Controls easily. Apache 2.0
UI5 Library Generator @geert-janklaps Tool Generator for OpenUI5/SAPUI5 libraries using the official UI5 tooling. MIT
ui5-mockdata-downloader @Trulsaa Tool Downloads all data from the Odata services listed in manifest.json and puts it in the mockdata folder MIT License
ui5-schemas @cschuff Tool UI5 Schemas allows you to develop SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML at a maximum convenience. It downloads, upgrades and sets up SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML schemas for a better development experience in your favorite IDE (if it is WebStorm ;). MIT
Ui5Strap @pks5 Extension App Development Toolkit for Desktop, Cloud and Mobile. Based on OpenUI5 + Bootstrap. Apache 2.0
vscode-ui5-explorer @kozubikmichal Extension UI5 Explorer for Visual Studio Code MIT
XMPPJSONPatchSyncModel @ManuelB Model This OpenUI5 data model uses a node on an XMPP server to synchronize itself to different connected clients. Apache 2.0
yii2-openui5 Wong Hansen Yii2 Extension Yii2-openui5 is extension for Yii2 Framework to integrate with OpenUI5. Apache 2.0

Add a new project

You are welcome to share your community project:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Edit this file located under docs/
  3. Add a new entry for your project in alphabetical order.
  4. Commit your changes and make a new pull request.
  5. After review, your project will be listed here on this page.