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SAP2Moose changelog
* : fixed
! : changed
+ : added
- : removed
15.08.2022 v1.3.2
* Functions have a wrong uniqueName in SOMIX #136
22.05.2022 v1.3.1
* Fix missing links to code for Code and Data
02.01.2022 v1.3
+ Add classes for the Software Metamodel restricted to key aspects (SOMIX)
+ Add report documentation #126
+ Search for all elements of a class #122
* Downsearch fails when initially found element is also found in upsearch #128
30.08.2019 v1.2.2
* Source Language not exported (isSmalltalk was sent to nil in new Moose) #110
The source language is now set to SAP (Not ABAP because SAP2Moose extract not only ABAP logic)
04.01.2019 v1.2.1
* Dump because class component of type type was processed #114
04.01.2019 v1.2
* Change parameters and text of report #105
+ Improve searching specific elements #103
* Too many elements where found in upsearch #102
+ Add parent package for functions #101
+ Add parent package for function groups #100
+ Find functions in initial selection #96
+ Simplify integration test #95
+ Provide Down Search - Include Elements that are used #93
+ Inform users when elements are not restricted #86
New parameter text for report:
P_NDOWN Search down (-1 if no limit)
08.06.2018 v1.1.1
* No elements extracted if package starts with $ #85
13.02.2018 v1.1.0
+ Support programs better #53
Programs that are used by other programs or coding are now extracted together with their usage
+ Support functions in more detail #52
Functions are now displayed together with elements that use them
* Support elements with equal names #84
15.01.2018 v1.0.0
+ Add dynamic calls to the model #80
06.11.2017 v0.5.8
* No usage of interface method by implementing method #76
05.11.2017 v0.5.7
* Error fixed to support 7.02
05.11.2017 v0.5.6
+ Methods that are redefined are not part of the extracted model #67
The method of the superclass has an invocation that "uses" the redefined method. This is done to make dependencies clear
in cases where the method of the superclass is called from another application but the execution is done in redefined methods.
05.11.2017 v0.5.5
* Issue 75 Release v0.5.4 is not compatible to ABAP 7.0.2
05.11.2017 v0.5.4
+ Issue 73 Make modifiers for programs, function groups and SAP BW transformation specific
+ Issue 72 Map functions to classes with name of function group
+ Issue 71 Support ADT links to programs, functions and includes of function groups
05.11.2017 v0.5.3
+ Issue 70 Support now BWMT links for transformations
31.10.2017 v0.5.2
* Issue 68 For functions a duplicate "method" is created
29.07.2017 v0.5.1
+ Issue 65 Support ADT links also for Moose 6.0. This fix is required to use ADT links in the preconfigured image.
28.07.2017 v0.5.0
+ Issue 63 Add adt link to attribute sourceAnchor for classes and class components. This allows to use ADT links on Windows to jump from Moose2Model into Eclipse ADT (After adt links are activated, see Links work only in Moose2Model v0.2.0. It is mandatory that the Pharo component OSProcess is installed.
05.07.2017 v0.4.4
+ Add issue 48 Add usage of interface components
* Fix issue 62 Usages by Interfacemethods not found if name longer than 30 characters
02.06.2017 v0.4.3
* Correct syntax errors in older releases
21.04.2017 v0.4.2
+ Fix issue 58 Too few characters for list of using elements
19.04.2017 v0.4.1
Fix serious errors if interfaces are used
+ Fix issue 56 Interface Methods and attributes are cut off in classes
+ Fix issue 57 Interface components missed if interface is used more than once
11.04.2017 v0.4.0
This is a "convenience release". It fixes only a single bug in the core logic. But adds features to simplify using the tool.
+ Progress bar displayed
- Generated mse file is not displayed anymore
+ Display the found elements together with the level where they are found
+ Fix issue 49 "Initial value for upsearch does not prevent upsearch"
+ Where-Used for multiple layers
+ Do not add structures and append structures to the model anymore
+ Fix issue 55 "Programs, Functions, SAP BW program extracted without signature in the FAMIX method"
07.04.2017 v0.3.0
Requires commit 374 or higher from RW-Moose-Diagram, otherwise Programs, Functions or BW routines will not be displayed.
+ WebDynpro components now initially collected to model
+ Display usage by ABAP Programs
+ Display usage by ABAP functions
+ Display usage by BW routines in case the usage for the generated program is available and is found in table RSTRAN