A deband library and filter for avisynth/vapoursynth
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f3kdb (a.k.a. flash3kyuu_deband)

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How to build (Linux)

Before compiling

  • Ensure Python 3 is installed
  • GCC 4.8.1+ or Clang 3.2+ is required, please install either one
  • Run git submodule update --init --recursive to initialize dependencies (Only needed for building tests)


To configure for compiling using default compiler in your system, run:

./waf configure

If you need to use a non-default compiler, use this:

CC={your c compiler} CXX={your c++ compiler} ./waf configure

To build test cases, append --enable-test after the command line.


Simply run:

./waf build

Optionally, you can install f3kdb into your system:

sudo ./waf install

Run test cases

To run all test cases (may need 20 ~ 30 minutes):


If you want to run only a subset of tests, check .travis.yml for command line examples.