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  1. General informations

  2. License

  3. How to install

  4. Databasestructure

  5. Contributors

  6. General informations

This project provides you departing from a VDV-Database a stationboard connected with realtime information from project. In this project, the instance is running the data from SASA SpA-AG, a Southtyrolean Public Transport Operator, which has released it's data unter the CC-3.0-BY-SA license. This project provides you a webservice, which gives you the possibility to build upon virtual station boards, with all departures in realtime (if you connect it to a realtime service). For this project, a test-develop server is running under and the official API server is running under

  1. License

The license for all the code, databasestructure, etc is under the GPL V3 license, which is available under the folder license or on the GNU's Website.

  1. How to install

To run this project on your machine its necessary that you have installed some kind of webserver (like apache2) with php. You should have access to a database with the structure from the project (or you install directly mysql on your machine). the php mysql connector should be installed, the pdo driver should be made available/ should be installed by following the instructions given on the PHP website. Then you have to add a database (PDO) to read the VDV-Tables configuring the connection parameters in a file named config.php with the following three parameters (or simply rename the config.php.example file and fill the blanks).

$dsn = 'mysql:dbname=;host=localhost';

$password = '';

$user = '';

It's not required that the database is a mysql-database.

  1. Databasestructure

The databasestructure from this project is strongly connected with the VDV-Format, which is a format for exchanging data from PT-provider to PT-provider. The names are mostly connected to the table and field names from the project.

  1. Contributors

The contributors of this project are members from the SASAbus Community Team, some for implementing, some for testing and improving it. Every one who contributed should add his name in this list:

  • Tobias Bernard (Testing and improvements)
  • Julian Sparber (Testing and improvements)
  • Markus Windegger (Developer)


This project provides you departing from a VDV-Database a stationboard connected with realtime information from project



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