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# Progress Notes:
# Path For Program:
# C:\Users\Sam\Documents\My Programming Stuff Folder\2017 Projects\Python\02 My Own Python Projects\Twitter Webscraper
# 8-5-2018:
# This script is now automated and live on my website as my first Twitter bot, and will run at 1 PM every day without every needing to click "Run" in!
# 5-21-2018:
# Got this script to work on my version to not save to the current directory, but to just post the URL of the cat image itself to Twitter
# 4-12-2018:
# Awesome, I got it to embed the image using a parameter called "media" for the twitter.Api.PostUpdate() function.
# This pretty much works. What would be great is if I was able to run this on a server side script without having to run this every day, but its functional
# Definitely could run this on my phone at 12 pm every day and get the same result. Very happy with how this turned out :)
# This definitely makes me want to make more Twitter bots, especially with the ease of use with the Python-Twitter library, and to specifically
# make one regarding hockey, or BandsInTown to determine what math rock bands are currently in the NYC area
# 4-11-2018:
# Success! I was able to post on Twitter using the following documentation provided for the Python-Twitter module:
# This Python script now gathers the cat of the day image, and obtains the URL, and also saves it to the current directory
# The one thing remaining is understanding why I have to subtract 1 from the day value the dayTime variable
# This might be due to Python's time function, strftime(), specifically with the %d parameter to obtain the current day
# Also, maybe gmtime() parameter should be looked at to see what if it matches my time zone, and even the
# Pet Of The Day website as well.
# 4-10-2018:
# After multiple attempts of trying to utilize this StackOverflow case, and a Python for Engineers related image scraping article,
# I was able to save the image to file in the directory!
# Next step is to utilize Twitter's API within Python and create a reposting Twitter account
# Links:
# 4-9-2018:
# After using multiple examples from StackOverflow regarding the usage of
# urllib in a similar context, I was able to get the exact cat image's URL
# However, now it's saying it's not a valid URL
# Post this on IRC tomorrow, and find out if someone can help with urllib
# URL issues like this
import requests
# from colorama import Fore, Back, Style
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from time import gmtime, strftime
from urllib.parse import urljoin
except ImportError:
from urlparse import urljoin
# from urllib.parse import urljoin
# import urllib
# from urllib.request import Request, urlopen
# from PIL import Image
# import urllib.parse, urllib.request
# try:
# from urllib.parse import urlparse
# except ImportError:
# from urlparse import urlparse
# try:
# from urllib.request import urlrequest
# except ImportError:
# from urlrequest import urlrequest
import os
import sys
import twitter
# Title Screen:
"***********************W E L C O M E***********************")
"***************************T O*****************************")
"*********************C A T OF THE D A Y********************")
"***********************T W I T T E R***********************")
"********************W E B S C R A P E R********************")
print("**********************C R E A T E D ***********************")
print("***************************B Y*****************************")
print("**********************SAMUEL BANYA************************")
r = requests.get("")
soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text, "html.parser")
body = r.text.encode("utf-8")
# Finding Matching Image Using Time Library Methods:
yearTime = strftime("%Y", gmtime())
monthTime = strftime("%B", gmtime())
dayTime = strftime("%d", gmtime())
# Create intDayTime variable since its off by 1 for some weird reason:
intDayTime = int(dayTime)
# Figure out why you need to subtract it by 1 on certain days --> Might be a time zone difference or the original
# website might be 12 hours to 24 hours apart
# intDayTime = intDayTime - 1
# intDayTime = intDayTime - 1
if intDayTime < 10:
intDayTime = "0" + str(intDayTime)
intDayTime = str(intDayTime)
desiredCatImageString = "archive/" + yearTime + "/" + monthTime + "/" + intDayTime + ".jpg"
print("desiredCatImageString = " + desiredCatImageString)
images = soup.findAll("img")
for item in images:
# print("item = " + str(item))
# print("item's src = " + str(item.attrs["src"]))
if item.attrs["src"] == desiredCatImageString:
# print("****")
# print("\n")
# print("We've got a match!")
# print("\n")
# print("****")
catName = item.attrs["alt"]
catCharacterLocation = catName.find("Cat")
slicedCatNameString = catName[0:catCharacterLocation]
url = ""
# catImageURL = urllib.parse.urljoin(str(url), str(item.attrs["src"]))
catImageURL = urljoin(str(url), str(item.attrs["src"]))
print("catImageURL = " + catImageURL)
catImageRequest = requests.get(catImageURL)
imageName = os.path.split(catImageURL)[1]
# with open(imageName, "wb") as file:
# file.write(catImageRequest.content)
api = twitter.Api(
# print("api = " + str(api))
# status = api.PostUpdate("I love webscraping and posting on Twitter!")
# print("imageName = " + imageName)
# currentPath = os.getcwd()
# catImagePath = currentPath + "\\" + imageName
# status = api.PostUpdate(
# "Here is the Cat Of The Day!\n\nThe cat's name is: " +
# slicedCatNameString +
# "\n\nThe cat's image can be found at the following link:\n" +
# catImageURL,
# media=catImagePath)
status = api.PostUpdate("Here is the Cat Of The Day!\n\nThe cat's name is: " + slicedCatNameString + "\n\nThe cat's image can be found at the following link:\n" + catImageURL, media=catImageURL)
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