Final project in the Android App Developer Nanodegree. An app called BulletPoints that takes articles from an RSS feed and summarises them into bullet points for the user.
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#Project 7 and 8: Capstone Final project for the Android App Developer Nanodegree at Udacity. Demonstrate the skills learned in the Nanodegree journey, and apply them to creating an original and unique app experience. By the end of this project, an app will have been completed that you can be submit to the Google Play Store for distribution.

Stage 1: Design and plan the Capstone app. Upload design doc to repository.

Stage 2: Build app.

##Project Overview BulletPoints is an app that lets you keep up with the latest news and articles without having to trudge through the entire thing. BulletPoints presents you with a list of all the top stories that people are talking about and then summarises the content down to 5, easy to digest bullet points. If you feel like you never have time to read to read the full article; or you just want to get the gist, then this is the app for you.

##Intended User The intended user for BulletPoints is someone that typically scans through articles to try and get the gist but doesn’t have the time, patience or interest to read the whole text.


  • Pulls latest articles from news/RSS feeds and displays them in a list
  • Summarises selected article into five bullet points
  • Click on bullet point to get more information
  • Display whole article if interested enough to keep reading
  • Articles can be shared to social media
  • Latest article’s are displayed in a widget