Project 3 from the Android Developer Nanodegree. Taking two in-production apps from a functional state to a production-ready state.
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#Project 3: Super-Duo

#Project Overview You will productionize two apps, taking them from a functional state to a production-ready state. This will involve finding and handling error cases, adding accessibility features, allowing for localization, adding a widget, and adding a library.

Why this Project

Super Duo gives you an opportunity to diagnose problems in a pair of apps and also practice improving apps. These skills are vital to building apps users will love.

Diagnosing issues with existing apps is key to working on large apps or continuing projects in Android. Being aware of the common pitfalls in app design frees a developer to produce novel app experiences without making the same mistakes over and over.

##Information The API key for the Football Scores app has been removed for security. You can get your own API key from insert your API key in the api_key element in strings.xml. The api_key element is the last element in the file.