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Clash of Clans:

  • (9.105.10) 7eb15f65bdd576619abbd0b0650c45db1020f5ec969fcf48a828424f1bc8d809
  • (9.434.4) B10CD28E5E70EBB8AEF02A25BBCF44F9242083909059D482AF5CDD94B2C58704

Clash Royale:

  • (2.1.8) 99B61876F3FF18CAECA0AEC1F326D9981BBCAF64E7DAA317A7F10966867AF968

Boom Beach:

  • (31.146) f6e07c02b728dfee9a849204b2ac1a3004ae3ce191092ae9ae5188db41768528

Hay Day:

  • (1.35.116) beb655127406245639b2ac70f026089531676c107f11a0648958ed16f5fff410
  • (1.35.114) beb655127409245639b2ac70f026089531676c107f11a0648958ed16f5fff410